Nov 28, 2020


Coleslaw do you like it? Do you make it or bring home readymade? I have some family members that make really delicious coleslaw. However I rarely make it yet love it! I wonder why?

Today I'm sharing a  'Todd Wilbur Copy Cat Recipe' from  KFC and the Original Chick fil A Coleslaw Recipe: two of the most at one time readily available and well liked versions.

You know here in the South we are having wonderful Bar B Que (pulled pork pig on the fire types). I can think of no better item to have on hand as a side dish or to top a delicious sandwich off than coleslaw.

Today listing these two of the greats!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

I have most if not all of his books and have yet to find a recipe that doesn't taste like the original

Click the recipe picture above to enlarge it a little if need be

It is no longer on the menu but many other great foods are!
I was very glad they decided to share their wonderful recipe with all.

This photo has the Chick fil A version 
I recently made it and had forgotten how delicious it really is!

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