Nov 26, 2020


My wish for you is that your day is filled with love and happiness

Dear Lord

We come to you with thankful hearts

Forgive us when we forget to let you know

How grateful we truly are

Each day you bless us so

Sheer joy is here for all to see

Puffy white clouds floating here and there

Deep blue sky behind 

Your art appears from nowhere

The boys and I can see

Many glorious things

Time spent together nothing can replace

A look a glance a fleeting smile

Please let us remember, keep it in our hearts

The things that bring us happiness

Simple thoughts and caring words

Familiar voices in our ears

Some gone on and some near

We thank you Lord for everything

Who's ready for turkey?  

Blessings and Happiness

Oh gosh I've got to go make the dressing!

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Thanksgiving History


  1. Happiest of Thanksgivings, Dolly. You are such a special lady and I hope your day is wonderful! xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana! I sure hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! I'm just seeing these comments didn't mean to ignore. The new setup is a little different.
      xo Dolly