Vegepod Product Review

Are you a gardener?  Do you have thoughts of becoming more self-sufficient? This product may help you to have another growing solution even in limited space. Use what you have and homestead away!
You know I'm an avid gardener.  Sharing my thoughts with you so that you can make informed decisions. It doesn't hurt that I too may in the future want to look back and see the information collected as well.
Today's product review is Vegepod a raised gardening kit.
  Check out the pros and cons I've experienced with this product. 
Vegepod originated in Australia and is a SharkTank product! It is now located in many countries. Vegepod USA is located in Texas. Check out the pros and cons I've experienced with this product. 

The following videos may be quick but are full of information that you may find helpful.

When it arrived one of the gardening containers was cracked and had holes in it.  Vegepod customer service went right to work responding to the problem.  They quickly sent a replacement and wanted to make sure everything was alright.  Great customer service.

It didn't very long for Chuck to put the Vegepod and frame together
There are helpful videos on YouTube if you should need them

Very Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • Location You must decide on a permanent location because this large size can't be moved once filled with soil.  
  • Irrigation: Keep in mind the planter must be placed close to the water source!
  • Sunlight Consider The hours your planter will receive for good growth
  • Stock up on a good soil

It was extremely windy this morning, but a good test of my patience with the cover being blown off several times.  

Con #1The cover would not stay attached to the base unit! The tiny clip with the fishing line-type plastic does not hold the cover on! You can see it in the videos shared. It has not stayed on even in calm weather! 

The string popped a few times and had to be fixed

The line included with the product which popped and slides out of the bracket constantly

Finally, I tied some of my great-grandmother's twine on the opposite side of the cover! 
The strings attached on both sides are working well at this time 

Out here you use what you have on hand and for about a month I used clothespins to help hold the clip with the line attached to the cover.  That was a failure in the end.  Hey, you do what you have to!

More Cons: #2 The product is a little expensive ~ #3 The growing pods are a little fragile (remember one of mine was damaged beyond repair in shipping I believe).  Another warning for those that may try to lift one full of soil.

My Thoughts

  • Take the time to find the best location for your planter.  I placed it in a spot far from the water source. Thankfully it hit me, "Dolly, you must be closer to the water source".  We moved it before adding soil and although not in the perfect location now it works. We live in a very windy area that can't be avoided entirely in our location.
  • The Protective Polyethylene Knitted Mesh Cover does promote warmth with temperature control and allows water and air to penetrate.  

Once I found a solution to the cover being on the ground more than on top of the planter, I found it to be excellent.
The cover constantly popped off and was lying on the ground until I shored it up with twine.

  • Irrigation The Misting System, I really like it!  It works great and fastWatch and don't leave it on for a long time.  
  • I love the self-watering wicking sections below the planters!  Excellent idea and time/back-saving process!  It waters the plants from below and allows for weeks without watering.  That in itself is worth its weight in gold!  
  • Did You Know?  The water that drains below the vegepod when the reservoirs are full can be used or recycled in other ways?  No use wasting it we might as well use it! Here

*Personal note from me, 'The Strawberry Lady', when growing strawberry plants only mist above when needed.  Give enough daylight/sunlight to dry the leaves to prevent disease. You'll have a safe from predators and a bountiful strawberry crop in no time.

This one will pick any strawberry he can get his mouth onto! I love him he is a wonderful sidekick! The Vegepod raised gives us humans a little taste of strawberries! 😄

Good thing we save our strawberry buckets for picking!

  • This grower has served me well with transplanting tiny seedlings from inside to outdoors.  I've been very impressed with the growth of each plant in this protective environment! The plants have been in this temporary location for a short time and that's a great thing!  Fast production, growth, and great root systems in record time!

My Spring Planting is coming to an end so I am now deciding what to put into this magnificent growing pod for the Summer.  I can't wait until the Fall Planting now!  






Disclosure I purchased the large size and the large frame from Home Depot recently. 

Keep in mind the opinions expressed in this review are my own personal opinions taken from my experience with the item.

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