Oct 9, 2011

Hyman Vineyards

Pee Dee State Farmers Market
Fall Festival

Hyman Vineyards are one of the vendors at the market

Greg Hyman Owner

They have quite an assortment

This bread is delicious! Mama brought a loaf and I just had to taste it.
We barely made into the house opening the bag to eat...

This display at the market is really quite beautiful
my picture does not do it justice, you must come out and see it.

Hyman Farms a former tobacco farm that has made the transition to growing grapes.
Isn't it wonderful that South Carolina Farmers have found something to grow to replace all of the tobacco fields of the past.  This is a beautiful vineyard.

Who wants to try this?  Reminds me of the I Love Lucy Show
I'll bet it is great for the feet too

Cute Idea!

ou have to check out their website. It is full of helpful information.
There are many health benefits with this fruit
too many for me to name here so go visit their website and then their vineyard.
I just may have to make it down to Conway myself.

 Muscaberri Wine Soap                          Jams, Jellies, Preserves                       Muscaberri Antioxidants

Muscaberri Wine Soap (infused w/ Loofa Sponge)Jams, Jellies, & Preserves - 9 oz.

Well, yet another great family business that we need to check out. 
Hyman Farms dates back to the late 1800's

Gift Shop and Tasting Room
Office:  2980 Hwy 378
Conway, SC  29527

Mon-Fri 8-5
800 235-7563
843 397-2100

Wine, Juice, Jellies, & SC Speciality Sauces

Until next time,

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