Oct 16, 2011

Making Do

We have downsized quite a bit with this home. That can be good and bad. The limited space can make one think of new ways to incorporate items. The seasons change but not necessarily the decor in all aspects. 

I sometimes have to add little touches of color for Fall and Winter and take away color for Spring and Summer. This container of flowers is one such item that has colors that can take it through all of the seasons with the exception of Christmas. I guess I am frugal. My favorite, of course, is to cut flowers from the flower gardens. Fresh is always the best, but not always available. Sometimes you have to improvise.

Very simple linen or cutwork tablecloths may be added or simple placemats for very casual dining. The smallest of touches can make such a difference, below I have added our everyday dishes with Rooster Accent Plates all by Lenox.

You may notice I use assorted patterns of dinnerware but you wouldn't notice at first glance. For some reason, I bore easily with china, glassware, and silverware. I have stored china of all sorts that is one of my weaknesses.

I do love white, off white or even clear patterns they seem to be easier to live with for very long when you bore as easily as I do. Another plus you can mix and match to your heart's content, even if others don't see it... All pieces by Lenox

Sienna Rooster Accent Plate
Butler's Pantry Gourmet Dinner

Golden Rooster Accent
Linen Closet Linen Weave Dinner

Sienna Rooster Accent
Butler's Pantry Buffet Dinner

Onyx Rooster Accent
Butler's Pantry Patisserie

What touches do you add to your home?

Until next time,


  1. Dolly, I love those rooster plates! And I think I am the master at making do with what you have. It keeps me up at night thinking of new ways to use the objects that I already have. Thanks for inspiring.

  2. Thank you Carrie, I am glad you came by. I love what you do with items, you always inspire...

  3. Dolly,
    I love your design ideas. I am trying to downsize and you really made me think. That floral arrangement is grand and I love your roosters. I have a similar weakness for dishes. I collect depression glass, some china (never anything as fancy as Lennox) and I have a few sets of Franciscanware and pieces of Fiesta that are dear to my heart. You should be a designer dear. You have a real talent for it.

  4. Heidi, you know that simple pledge I think I have been living it for quite a few years...If you don't take into account the things I have put into storage...lol . Thank you for your always sweet comments. I love Fiesta and Franciscanware.