Oct 16, 2011

The Traveling Hoosier Cabinet

Genolia and Cora's Hoosier Cabinet

This is one traveling cabinet!

I love this Hoosier Cabinet! It belonged to my mother-in-law who
then gave it to my Grandmother Cora.
We had to have it redone, but it is still in tact.
The antique cookie jars on the top are special to me too.

My mother-in-law was not my mother-in-law at the time
She became that later.  I did not even know her until years later. Genolia was her name.
This is one of life's coincidences for sure.

So now I have a cherished piece that has traveled with me wherever I have lived, 
for many years now.  
Memories of two very special women in my life.  
Thank you God for all of the little surprises.

These loved ones are all gone now, including the husband.
Life goes on, things change, but no matter how some things change
others seem to remain the same.

Now a new/old husband [I may explain that later] enjoys this cabinet with me.
As a matter of fact it was his cousin who refinished and gave new life to this cabinet!
More memories are being made.

"Things are not what are most important, 
but the people and memories of those connected to them."

Until next time,


  1. Such a charming piece. I love the crocs underneath - perfect vintage color.

  2. Wow girl! You are so fortunate! Not only do you own a beautiful Hoosier but you have such precious memories associated with it... that's being doubly blessed!!

  3. Love your cabinet and your jars! There is no better way to decorate them with the things you love ... especially when they have memories attached to them. :) Your newest follower, Francine

  4. I love those cabinets! Very nice! Thank you for joining me at HSH Fall Open House! I'm late getting around, last week internet troubles.:)

  5. Dolly,
    That is a beautiful cabinet and what a great keepsake memory too. Thank you for sharing it. Your cookie jars are amazing.

  6. I have a similar cabinet, handed down from my aunt Ruth and I just love having something from the past like this though I don't think that I use it correctly. The large flour sifter makes this a silly way to use it, but I have it stuffed with craft supplies and was wondering - what all do you keep in yours?

  7. Hi,
    I love mine for sure. Would you believe in my old home I had it in my craft-sewing room and just like you crammed it full of supplies up there and under..we have something in common for sure. Now I use that section for my garden gloves, face masks even a kitchen aid attachment...the rest holds my cookbooks. My sifter is rusty or I would use it for flour. This has been a fun visit, glad you came by.