There's a Snake in the Hen House

Tonight while feeding and checking for any other eggs I found a surprise. 

We love our chickens here at Hibiscus House.  Some breeds I bought, some I  hatched, all have names and are loved. 

I do need to learn how to be a true farmer and let the older ones go to someone or put them in a pot, since I have new better laying hens. 

Who am I kidding? I will make a spot for them to live out their older lives full of roaming as much as possible and having fun, eggs or not.  

We have a chicken auction in our town.  I am allergic can't go but excuses, excuses Chuck could go. No way I love them. Why else would we have a pen with roosters. Named pets.

Sorry about the quality of the snake picture, While getting my sharp shooter husband I grabbed the camera. I guess I was not steady at all.  

I am so glad he was home there is no way I could have shot that thing. I did chase him out of the chicken house and I was so angry at that snake.  He got out and up as high as he could he looked me in the face as if to say, "You don't scare me woman"!

I felt like I was in the Disney Movie Jungle Book!  He thought he had me scared but no way I was too mad! 

This thing had eaten his last egg.  He was eating all of our eggs and we couldn't have that, plus a baby chick was missing!

Then the man with the gun did his job.  Thanks honey.

I go out there daily of course and didn't check back in the house yesterday, but today the lid to the laying nest was completely off. and [Ugh] I was not expecting this!

I wondered why for the last two days I didn't get any eggs in this house, now I knew.  I had baby chicks in this pen and one was missing.

He was just laying there probably full as can be.  Well rat/chicken snake, whatever, you had to go!

I also wondered why my dog, Chewy had barked for the last two nights non stop and now I knew.  I look forward to some peace chicks growing and eggs for cooking.


  1. Oh Dolly,
    I am so glad your hubby shot that awful snake, but I am so sorry for you to have found it. I hate snakes. I would have died if I found it in my hen house. I know exactly how you feel about your hens too. My girls and Queenie will always have a home here on our lil homestead. I am so glad you and the hens are all okay.

    1. Thanks Heidi, I sure jumped a little when he struck out at me. Got him out of the house so Chuck could shoot him....

  2. Dolly, I'm surprised that you got close enough to take a photo! I would not have been able to do that-I would have been running in the opposite direction!

    1. I am kinda crazy at times, and not too scared of anything, well almost anything I hate spiders and we have lots of black widows around here. Jane you see how blurry they picture is...I was shaking somewhat too excited to get good picture anyway..

  3. that snake- argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the book-the title grabs me right from the start, cuz i'm all about family!

    1. Yes it does I need to read my copy, I think it will be great. you are entered, and thanks Tami.

  4. i follow thru networked blogs

  5. i tried to be a gfc but it says i am not allowed? i have had this problem on other blogs too so i don't know what's up!

    1. I just don't understand all of that. Other people have said that too. Sorry but I know you follow and I thank you so much.

  6. Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the hop, and I'm your newest follower! I'd also love to have you check out a fabulous Triple Giveaway I'm having right now!!

    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!

  7. The book looks interesting. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Dolly :) :) I follow your blog via GFC, Facebook and email :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  8. Eeek...I would have run away screaming at the sight of that snake. Glad all is okay now. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)


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