Sep 15, 2012

Dirty Little Hoarding I Mean "Collecting" Shed

What do you do when you downsize.
You build a smaller home only take from older larger home what you think you will use.
Well you would think that is what one would do.

Me no way have to have this and can't do away with this...
someone may need this....

Just have to keep my hat box it is so vintage and cute...
oh and the props that we used in the department store
we just have to have those.

And check this 70s wooden purse...
I could probably knock a person out with it if need be...
so I might just need to keep this for shopping...

A motor cop lives here so of course every cop trinket or Harley item has to stay 
and gosh knows we need the bullet proof vests lying around in storage...
and can't possibly throw away the orange vest 
we might have to direct traffic out here...

I just have to save crutches have accident prone family...

Oh my sewing dealer said keep the boxes...
So what do you do fill those up with stuff.

Oh my goodness can't do away with Pepsi crate with

Look at that box of metal old kitchen items just for looks
but who can see them in the box in shed?

Weakness dishes loveeeeeeee dishes of all kinds..

This picture says it all
Upside down Welcome for the hoarding which I like to call my "Collecting"
that has gone on in this storage shed...

Cleaning out and will post after.....


  1. He he, that is funny! I would love to get into my hoarding and throw out, but I get too distracted and want to keep everything. So I don't start because, I know it will be a waste of time! Ha ha!
    Good luck!

    1. Susie, you must be related to me because I have been thinking that for years! ha ha...Thanks for visiting and letting me know that I am not alone....Blessings to you too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. lol...I can so relate. At my house I am known as the Queen of Good Intentions. I always mean to finish that furniture, or make a wreath, or go through those boxes. An I know as soon as I give something away I WILL need it, haha...Godd luck from a fellow hoarder...ummm... I mean collector

    1. Lol...Tonya you must be related to me also! I have chairs that need re-caning, Things that need painting and staining...Thank you for the wishes and I hope to clear ....ummmm some of my glad you came by and brightened my day.

  3. Aunt Dolly... it is also known as "ratliff-itis"....once you get it theres is no known cure.....we have an entire second floor known as the collecting shed LOL

    1. Hi Ernie!
      I know, I know, I have given it the right name thank you honey. I need you know what I am thinking dear nephew? ....Wonder just how much good stuff Ernie has on that second floor.....good thing we live in different states because the area I cleaned would be filled with your things and heck you might want some of my stuff...laughing thanks for stopping by...

  4. Dolly, this is so funny. I can so relate to this. We have tons of junk stored from Florence to Hartsville. 90% of it belongs to me. I will say in my defense that it is hard as heck to get married, move into his smaller home and try to figure out whose "stuff" you are going to keep. Now tell me the truth. Did you get that Pepsi crate from me in a yardsale I had just after I moved to Florence. LOL

    1. Hi Karen!
      I am so glad you are like me...we do have a lot in common....I probably did get one of those crates from you...Do you know how happy I was when you moved in next to me over there? Yard Sale oh my gosh new neighbor and new stuff...Holiday...I did have fun at your yardsale....Laughing thanks for stopping by here today.

  5. looks like your decluttering is going the same way as mine! lol

    1. I am laughing! Hope you are doing better than I am...So excited for you and your new home...

  6. Good luck dolly, I don't do very well at parting with my treasures. I just have my husband build a new room for them. At some point we will run out of basement and then I will have to get rid of stuff, but until then . . .

    1. You are lucky your husband can build! I'm smiling.

  7. Just so darn hard to give up the things we love, right? I am a big collector (hoarder) also.