Sep 11, 2012

When Dolly Met Victor

This was a few years back and it was during Sun Fun at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I love our beach! We are so lucky to live within a short distance from our shores. This was held as a part of that festival at Market Commons.
Today I share with you my meeting Eric Braeden aka Victor Newman from The Young & The Restless and numerous other shows.

It was extremely hot that day, hot enough to make one want to faint and drink lemon ice just to survive.  I have to give him credit for having the stamina to withstand such heat and humidity.

He signed and rarely spoke to anyone
I did see him stand and put his arm around one precious older lady and talk to her.

Oops he sees my Catie with her camera and this is how he responded to her.

Can you see that snicker on his face?  He was so proud of himself for doing that to Catie...I think the man is like his character. I really do.

My sister Gwen and her granddaughter Taylor waited patiently for me to get to talk to him. I will never forget that in that heat. Gwen decided that she was tired of everyone breaking in line in front of me so she decided to take a bottle of water and be Eric's bouncer at the ropes she kept people in line so that we could finally get up there...Meanwhile

This band played over and over again their song which was "I want to Kiss You all Over" how many times can you listen to that song?....

There I am in white and black shirt, blonde hair waiting in line.

 It's all over now he sees me...

Do you wanna know what I am telling him?

Watch his reaction and smile...

He popped me on the head and might I add with some

Smirking again..he is a character...

Look at that smile yes that was at me!

Watching me walk away...

My goodness he kept watching as I went away....maybe I should give Nikki a run for her money. Just kidding of course.

It was a hot fun day at the beach. I have missed the beach this year. I have been working too hard and need some beach time...we just found out where Chuck's ancestors were from in Italy and may just have to visit the area..

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  1. Okay- So what DID you tell him? lol A sad day today, indeed- xo Diana

  2. Dolly, I have no idea who Victor is! And you must tell us what you said to him!

  3. I once met "Jack" as he was loading up his luggage into his car at a hotel - he was really sweet AND gorgeous!!! Much better looking in real life.

    What DID you say to him anyways?

  4. I'll never tell, but it got his attention and bet he didn't forget that day either ....