Oct 18, 2012

His Beauty is Everywhere

When things seem to be so overwhelming it is good to take a step
back and look at this beautiful world God has given us to live in.
Aren't we so lucky and blessed.
The beauty that surrounds us is breathtaking.
I love living out here enjoying all of the peace, quiet and beauty.

The sun coming up this morning, the sky is a work of art

Sun peeking through the trees

   I hope each of you take the time to enjoy
each day, moment, and notice the beauty around you.



  1. Always do . Nature is a big part of my life and my photography ! I love nothing more then to just sit , look , listen and enjoy the land that's under my feet and the sky's above me . Lovely post and photos . Have a good day !

    1. Thank you fellow nature lover! Let me say that I am in awe every time I see your photos, such a talent you do have.

  2. So beautiful Dolly! You've captured that feeling of breathing in all of nature right here in your post! Thank you!

  3. You're a kindred spirit! I love living in the country, surrounded by His love and the beauty of His creation. Thank you so much for sharing this at the Thankful HomeAcre Hop. Please join us again this Thursday.