Jan 21, 2014

Farmgirl Chit-Chat

Good morning!  How are you?  I'd like to invite you all over to the meet the most wonderful
group of people that you'll ever meet!

Heidi a dear friend is the brain behind a new Facebook Page called Farmgirl Chit Chat!  

It is already turning out the be one of the best places to be on Facebook.  You meet friends immediately!  Notice I said friends.  It's as if we have known each other forever.  It is a place to learn, share, talk, laugh and just enjoy each others company.

It has just begun but already we have some of the best writers, photographers, designers, quilters, cooks, bloggers, gardeners, ranchers, animal experts to name a few.  You name it we have them and others are joining daily!  

You may ask yourself if you have to have tons of farmland beneath your feet?  The answer is no. You just need a desire and a willingness to learn and share what you know with us!  

Do you garden? Raise a few Chickens, goats, cows?  Alright then do you have a dog?  Do you grow a pot plant on a balcony, a small garden or feed the neighborhood? Makes no difference just come on out!  

MaryJane Butters has been such an inspiration to us and we just share the fact that you don't have to be a huge farmer to enjoy the farm life.
Are you like me? Do you want, no I change that Need dirt beneath your feet to dig and grow things in no matter how big or small?  Do you cook, create or both?

Aren't you curious yet?

You might as well just come on over and join us.
Stop by and thank Heidi for this wonderful idea and new place to meet while you are there!

Farmgirl Chit Chat 
The door is open come on in : HERE

Heidi Gonzales from:


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    1. Hi Kristina,
      That's ok because we are here every week with the Farmgirl Friday and we each have our own blogs. We can keep up with each other can't we?