Friday, February 28, 2014

Spotlight: Farmgirl Series: Debbie Tegart

You probably already know that Debbie is one of the Co-Hosts for our Farmgirl Friday Blog Hops.
Just in case you don't let me introduce you to Debbie Tegart, Farmgirl Unleashed.

Love this picture.  

Debbie on her truck, Love it!  Be sure to check out her Facebook Pagehere

Her story in her own words.

Like so many of us my path has been a winding one.  Career wise I have been a loan officer, a preschool teacher, a bill collector, a tech support person and currently my “day job” is consulting as a business analyst and facilitator on software projects.

Personally I am the mom of three wonderful daughters who are now grown up and are beautifully talented in their own right. I was a stay at home mom for 16 years and I cherish every moment of that time. I am married to a wonderful man who not only took the challenge on of marrying me but did it when I had three teenage daughters at home. I am convinced he will be sainted someday for that!  In all that I have done truly being a mommy, wife and homemaker is the most coveted.

Mike and I both lived in Atlanta for over 20 years.  After children where grown we contemplated on the future lifestyle we wanted. Did we want to settle in where we were, buy another place in the suburbia lifestyle we had grown accustom to or should we shake it up and do something we had both wanted to do for a long time…move back to the Midwest (originally I am from Ohio and he from Indiana) and getting out of a subdivision and into the country with some land.

Our journey to find the perfect place in the country took a couple of years and culminated in our buying our “dream home” on our anniversary weekend in 2011. Smaller square footage, lots of land (almost 6 acres), a pond and countryside setting made this home impossible to say no to.  Plus it was near a city with both loved for cultural activities when desired.  After craziness with selling our other home, working out job logistics and moving ourselves over several runs across country, we finally permanently moved to our “only” home in May 2013 which is where we will stay! We have lovingly named our new home “Big Sky Acres” since we can see sunrise to sunset anywhere on our property.

I love to sew and now have a craft room for such endeavors in our new home. Mike got me a new sewing machine to kick off my new life in my craft room.  I am expecting my first grandson in June and am having fun sewing things for him and my adorably cute pregnant daughter.

We also started gardening last year.  We fantasized for a long time about growing our own organic vegetables, but not having a clue where to begin we just grabbed shovels and started last spring. We now have 16,000 square feet of yummy organic veggies growing on our acreage and plan to do more.  Watching the works of our efforts turn into things to eat and can and freeze was such an exhilarating experience! We read and read and try things continually; some work and some don’t, but it is all good! So much so that I enrolled in Washington State University’s Global University course “Organic Agriculture.”  I would love to have farm to table dinners, offer gardening classes, maybe have community gardens out here or provide vegetables to a CSA.
We have just ordered 2 nucs of bees and hives for this coming spring and summer season.  The bees were originally Mike’s idea but we are now both in love with the idea and cannot wait to get started.  We have a wonderful mentor, the land to give the bees a good home and we feel like it will benefit the garden in many ways.   Next on the roadmap are chickens.  I am in hopes that Spring 2015 will bring those wonderful feathery creatures to Big Sky Acres!

We have a dog that has been the inspiration for our artisan dog treat business “Waggin’ Delights”.  She is a rescue dog and quirky and loveable.  Our treats are made from organic ingredients and are wholesome enough for human consumption! We actually have a few customers that get them for themselves since they are low in sugar and have such great stuff in them.

Moving out in the country and finding MaryJanes Farm Magazine and so many Farmgirl sisters has really made a huge difference in my life.  I now know that my love of everything home and homemade is not weird or odd, but an entire culture of like minded women think just like me! J I am sister #4393 in the midst of many, many really awesome women.  I consider my Farmgirl sisters some of my best friends.  You don’t have to see each other in person to be besties, you just need to share common values and goals which is what I have found through this community. I continually learn and feel supported in all my endeavors.  I love sharing about them and now blog about my newbie Farmgirl experiences Farmgirl-Unleashed. 

I hope that I can meet more sisters via my blog and via the Facebook pages we all share and other blogs I currently read and new ones that I discover constantly.  I cannot wait to see what life holds for us in our new life.  I cannot wait to see what new things are coming and what things will flourish that we already have our hands into.

Thank you Dolly for asking me to share.  You are among the many that I consider a dear friend and someone that I learn constantly from.  Being a host with you, Heidi and of course Deb on Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop is one of my highlights every week.  I am ever grateful for Deb reaching out to me and introducing me to such a wonderful community.

Thank you Debbie I feel the same; we all do!

Isn't it wonderful to learn from others?  How they live, what they like.  We live in such a varied world. People, places and things.  Everyone has different interests and yet it all boils down to the fact that we all share the same things in one way or another.  We just have different ways of getting there!

Have a great weekend and week ahead!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Official Taste Testers

Good Morning!
     I hope all is well with you.

 Are they adorable or what?  They love to eat but if they don't like something they definitely will not eat it!


Friday, February 21, 2014

The Childhood Home of Melvin Purvis

Welcome to another of Hibiscus House Spotlight Series:  Melvin Purvis Hometown Hero

 Purvis family home
214 Main Street
Timmonsville, S. C.

Built by Jesse Keith a large land owner in the pioneer days of Timmonsville.  It was built in the 1800s, this was the home of the Keiths and McSwains until after the death of John McSwain, Sr. 

Then it was home to the Purvis family (Melvin Horace Purvis Sr. & Janie Mims Purvis and their eight children) for over half a century.
Melvin Purvis Jr., famed FBI agent, sold the house to Leon Yarborough sometime in the early 1940s. It was to be remodeled and converted into an apartment building or a hotel.

Several of our Timmonsville natives have information about the home.  Mr. Roscoe Fountain is one of them and It is believed that the Purvis Home was torn down in the 1940s.  A large grocery, hardware and farm supply store were built in the location.

Stan Gaddy another Timmonsville native says, " My dad and his father built a house on little Pee Dee river in 1954 and the front door was a door off of the Purvis home in T'ville. I have it at home now and will be placing it in a special place for keepsakes."   The door is constructed with pegs/dowels and inserts.  He had it stripped back to the bare wood and still has a handle face plate on it.

The columns from the Purvis home were placed in two more Timmonsville homes according to one of the long time residents.

One of the home's doors is on a classmate of mine's home.  It is his back door.

 Recycling and keeping history alive.

Today I am just sharing this home picture.  Melvin Purvis has been a hometown hero to most of us from this small town.  I will share more later.  This is a very hard story to get because there are so many tall tales out there and most are found to be untruthful.  One day I will find out more but until then here is his childhood home which was in Timmonsville, South Carolina.

Melvin Purvis G Man

Link to video in which Melvin Purvis was shown TV Show To Tell The Truth
Another video that I found interesting and shed some light on the J Edgar Hoover/Melvin Purvis situation among other things; click: 
The Secrets of J Edgar Hoover

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Food Storage: How to Wax & Store Cheese

Do you like cheese?  I know if you followed me for awhile you know that by the amount of recipes that include cheese.  I found this video from Janie Pendleton an online friend.  
Brilliant idea and I can't wait to try it.  Friends out there that make your own cheese do you wax it?

     The snow has finally melted and temps around here yesterday were in the high 60's to 70 degrees.  Beautiful weather, a little windy around Hibiscus House though.
     The damage from the snow/ice storm wasn't so bad.  I had to repair the tops of my chicken pens.
I did lose Patty Partridge my oldest broody mother hen.  She and one smaller hen were crushed with a foot of solid ice that fell.  Patty was a favorite and will be missed.  The smallest hen has survived and seems to be doing well.

In the kitchen this week
This week we have featured
Oven Roasted Rack of Pork

Garlic Smashed Potatoes

We baked two different variations of Banana Cake.   Recipes coming soon.
While we were baking evaluated baking pans.  Results coming soon.

     Today we're traveling to one of our favorite meat markets to buy a supply of the best!  I'll get to enjoy being with one of my daughters and grandson.  I'm smiling!

     I'll be working on some very interesting Spotlight Stories that will be coming soon!  Excited about that!

     I will be busy in the sewing creating room for awhile now.  Have many things to make in a short time.  Let the fun begin!

     Tomorrow is Farmgirl Friday so come back to read lots of interesting links.  It always amazes me the things that you can learn from others.

Spring is on the way and dirt will be on my gloves soon.  I can't stand dirt under my fingernails but it's alright on my gloves! Hope your day is wonderful and I'll be back tomorrow.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spotlight Story: Portrait Painter Brian Neher

     Hibiscus House would like to welcome Brian Neher to our Artist Series.  I first saw his work on Facebook and immediately it stopped me in my tracks.  I was in awe of this man's talent.  His work is so very special.  Don't you agree?  
     Brian thanks the Lord for the talent which He has given to him and for the opportunity to use those creative skills for His glory.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

South Carolina's Weather State of Emergency

I'd like to say thank you to the people that go out of their way; risking their lives and safety to protect us all.  We are safe and for the most part warm in our homes.  Those who aren't have the assurance that help will come.  We know help will come because of certain agencies and dedicated people that give of their time and energy to make us safe in times of emergency.
So on behalf of all a great big thank you!

I'd like to also say thank you to all of their loved ones left at home to fend for themselves while they are away.  I can speak to that from experience.  When these emergencies come we the loved ones have to learn how to take care of certain things at our own home.  You do know that the odds of your loved one being at home with you when a disaster weather related or not are against you.
It has been my experience at least.  Would we, or could we change what our loved ones do?  No we wouldn't even if we could.  The person that is a policeman, security officer, fireman, rescue worker, lineman, national guard, doctor, nurse etc...has a passion, a drive to help others and that is wonderful.  It is also something we the people that love them have to become accustomed to.  Do we worry about them?  You Bet!  When they make it home safely, are we relieved?  You Bet!  Are we proud?  You Bet!

I can't forget my friend and mailman Frankie and his wife.
Mailmen are always out there in the thick of things.  Regardless of the weather.
Thank you!

I'd also like to thank our governor of South Carolina for declaring a state of emergency for  South Carolina.  I have no doubt that she and the agencies involved have saved a us from quite a few accidents and injuries from the storms here.  A pat on the back goes to the people of South Carolina for listening to the warnings.
Governor Nikki Haley

I guess that I'd better close and publish this post.  Everyone around me has lost their power.
Stay safe East Coast!
Thank the Lord for watching over us all.

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Babies Playing in the Snow!

Catie with Oskar and the boys.  Look at the smiles.

Brrrr it is cold but the kids and animals are having such a good time.  Join us please.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hibiscus House Snow 2014


My favorite picture of the day.

Such quiet, peaceful beauty.

Thank you Heavenly Father!