Apr 19, 2024

Spring Garden Walkabout

I'm love Spring
I'm so excited!
Let's take a walk and see what's blooming

 Beautiful Dutch Iris

The raised gardens are filled with strawberry plants and flowers

I really like the raised garden beds

Bearded Iris below

This beauty is three feet tall and absolutely gorgeous

The purple iris below I've had for over twenty years 
It's parent plant was my mother's before that

Check out the stem and bloom on this cool dandelion


Teasing Georgia  a David Austin English Rose
is teasing me today
Looking around that post

Azaleas, Boxwood & Snowball Pom Poms I call them

Gloria's Garden

Snowball Bush

Oskar gardens with me everyday

I love how these start out with small green blooms balls of color and ripen out to big pure white balls!
I call them Pom Poms

Hope you enjoyed this garden walkabout
I know many pictures but you should see the ones I didn't post!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful! I cannot wait to get back outside again. I have lots of plans to add more color to our property. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I'm excited for you to be outside again and can't wait to see the color you add! Wonderful time of year!

  2. Your flowers are amazing, as are your photographs. Can you share what plant food you use to get such beautiful blooms? I especially like the State Flower of Tennessee the Iris, as well as the rose "Georgia Tease." Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Eileen! I've not fed the iris or roses this year. I did add some amendments to the raised gardens last year. Espoma Organic fertilizers for roses, flowers, berries is what I used last year. Over the years I've added Annie Haven's Moo Poo Tea. I do love Spring and Summer months things growing so pretty. Good to hear from you!