Touring Texas: BBQ Texas Style

Chuck and I had just gotten into Abilene and he was especially hungry.  He had talked of nothing except that he wanted some Texas BBQ.  He does love his South Carolina BBQ and the sauces, but just had to try some different BBQs. Join me today for a visit to two of them....

Touring Texas: On The Road In Texas

Mr. Jimmie, Me and Mrs. Neta

This was a fun and windy day.  We traveled through several areas and this picture was taken at a car wash that some of Mrs. Neta's family work at or own not sure which.  They weren't working but we enjoyed it there anyway. I think this was in Breckenridge, Texas.  I looked at the property next door and saw this!

Randall The Cowboy Poet

You probably already know that Chuck and I took a trip to Texas in August. We went to meet Mr.Wheeler who fought and survived a shipwreck in WWII with my daddy.   I'll add links at bottom of this post for you to see if you haven't.  Today I want you to meet one of his son's Randall "Randy".

South Carolina

Our state and what a state it is.  I'm so proud to be from South Carolina!  Are you proud of your home state?  I hope so.  

I truly feel blessed to have been born and raised here.  We South Carolinians are a proud people.  We're proud of our heritage and pass it along so others will know.  We are not ashamed of our past because our ancestors helped to build that past.  We grow and learn from the past.  What a wonderful thing to have a past that we can build on. Others will look at these days and hopefully learn from our mistakes. We all make them, but do not be ashamed of your roots, ever!  

This past week has been something else.  We here in South Carolina have witnessed and been a part of one of the worst weather patterns.  I sit here now and read about what and how it has affected us.

Touring Texas: Jimmie Ray's Appaloosas

Today in South Carolina we are soaked with lots of rain and flooding from the weather and Hurricane Joaquin was lurking in the sea.  We are having extreme levels and closings because of the flooding, but I'm thankful that it didn't hit land. 

Looking back through the Texas pictures I found these and wanted to share some sunshine and horses with you today!  Take a look at Jimmie Ray's beautiful Appaloosas!