May 11, 2018

Gardening and Gerbera Daisies

This year I bought a few annuals.  I love the almost immediate color and show you get from them.  It isn't usual for me to buy many of those, since they are short lived.  Mama always said try to buy perennials, so you can have them year after year.  I do seek those first when buying or planting, I confess.  These little Gerbera Daisies just caught my eye, and I couldn't look away.  I've purchased so many in the past, and found that they are short lived for me.  Trying one more time to grow some.

I know some tags say this particular flower is a perennial, but around here in our climate, I seldom see one pop up from a past year.

Catie and I went to the Spring Show at our Farmer's Market and had a great time.  She also bought some of these and sadly her's have died.

Only time will tell how long I can keep these in my new deck boxes living.

Catie gave me two hen flower pots
Isn't this adorable?
It makes the cutest display!

This colorful daisy thrives in this chicken!

Isn't this gorgeous?

Video from Steve Bender aka the Grumpy Gardener of Southern Living
Gerbera Daisy Here Today Gone Tomorrow Article

I thought I would play around with the watercolor edit
It was fun and I like how this turned out.

See how bad the blooms and leaves can look just overnight?
Still pretty and I won't give up on them!

I need to clip some of the old ones off
I say old but like Grumpy says, "Gerbera Daisies, don't like our climate here.

I've been doing some work in the flower bed, you can see in the left top corner of picture.  It is full of grass.  That is a work in progress for sure.  I'll share when finished.

I decided to show you the messy grass and work in progress

The vibrant colors are what make these beautiful!

These are actually a work of art in their natural state
no photo editing was really necessary on any 
I didn't edit this at all
See the beauty?

Gerbera Daisies on left and Zinnias with Petunias on the right!

I took these pictures this morning right after the sun started coming up

Oil Painting

This lettuce along with three more boxes are on the porch railings too.

You do know about the Romaine Lettuce Recall don't you?  Be aware there is one now! I never buy prepackaged salad mixes.  They have the most recalls because of ecoli etc.  There is no way for them to track down the source because there are too many sources for those. * Remember the Savings Post anyway buy whole make your own...Just right now stay away from Romaine unless you know the source and it isn't in the state of origin now!  Do not order salad from a restaurant. (I say this, but crazy me ordered a salad the other Sunday.  I had temporary amnesia!  Didn't eat it which was hard because I love salads!)

Early morning overlooking the white rose garden
You can see I have lots of work to do in them 
I'm waiting on these beauties to finish blooming for clean up to begin
We have several new shrubs and plants to set out too as you can see

Peaceful setting 
We do enjoy using the porch
Especially since the wasps aren't totally consuming it now.

I learned a trick from Catie & Doug
Tying the drapes to the railing
It is the only way to keep them in place here in the wide open 
I'll call it prairie!

Reason for delay
Chuckster had some eye surgery!
Everything seems to be going fine
Can't wait for follow up to find out just how well he will be able to see!

Guess I'd better get up from here and get to work!
Have a great weekend friends!

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