Feb 7, 2019

Who Has the Gardening Bug?

Look at these beauties!  I almost forget yearly about them until they pop their little heads up and start blooming!  It is beginning to look a lot like Spring, around here!  I'm beginning to feel the need to get my hands in the dirt.  We've had three of the most beautiful days, bordering on hot this week.  Are you ready for Spring?

The White Rose Garden

You can read more about this particular rose garden
White Rose Garden Tour

The Good!

The white rose garden never disappoints. They will bloom late April or early May.  They do require some very painful, prickly trimming and cutting back yearly to make the best of them.  Oh, how I dread the Fall cut back!  

The white roses will need a little Moo Poo for fertilizer and they're off blooming away!  Check out the link here to read all about Annie Haven, her family, and her Moo Poo! You won't be sorry and you'll learn lots while enjoying the read as well.

The sad thing is that when not in bloom from early Fall and until the next growth season they are extremely ugly and wiry.  Also, they have taken a toll on my poor picket fence.  

The Bad and The Ugly

See the ugly?   Fence needs repair and paint, just don't think I can pass it off much longer as 'Shabby Chic'.  I guess you have to deal with ugly to get beauty?  I can deal with that, hope with a coat of paint, the fence can for a year or so.

You may remember Paul Nelson, he has agreed to give some very good gardening tips and advice. Look for that post Coming Soon!

Our dear sweet Casper is very sick, but still smiling wide! Needless to say we are really babying him!
I love this dog!

I'm still working hard on purging more and more things from the home! I've been full force doing this for over three years now! Amazing how many things collect when you rarely break or throw anything away. It's happening folks!

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