Feb 12, 2019

Great Gardening Tips from Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson

You probably remember a post done not too long ago about this man, his gardening and his life. If you'd like you can read more about it in Quite a Gardener Quite a Man.  He loves to share, and does so often.  

What a perfect garden spot. I could only dream to have one in such great shape.  I do think Paul Nelson was born with a shovel in one hand and a hoe in the other! He has graciously agreed to share some great gardening tips!

Paul's Gardening Tips

  • Paul buys all of his seeds from Park Seed
  • Bothered by deer in your garden? Make Garlic Sun Tea, which is a gallon jug of water with garlic cloves in it. Place a jug in each corner of the garden.  This Garlic Sun Tea becomes stronger the longer it sits in the sun.  Paul says, "Da smell of this keeps da deer out of da gardens".
  • Prep the soil before tilling with:  
I asked Paul if he added fertilizer during the growing season.  He answered and said this, "I don't.  I prepare the soil with organic mixes, the bone meal, blood meal & green sand, and let them do da trick all season. I don't fertilize and don't use pesticides so it is 100% organic."  "My flowers bring in good bugs and my lady bugs and praying mantis do da trick"

  • Plant the following in each corner of the garden:
  • Marigolds to fight Nematodes
  • Zinnas to bring in bees
  • Plant Nasturtium to attract good bugs to eat Aphids.
  • "I also plant two rows of Texas Sweet Onions around da whole outside of da garden. It acts as a fence and I get onions!"
  • Plant cucumbers on a trellis to keep them off of the ground
  • Paul does not mound his squash or zucchini
  • Never plant tomatoes near Pecan Trees. Paul says, "I found out da hard way they send a wilt through da roots!" 
  • "I also buy praying mantis egg casings to put in the garden to eat da bad bugs"
  • "I give my hoe a daily workout to keep da weeds out!"


  • Paul grows all of his tomato seeds in MiracleGro Potting Mix under the grow lights inside, which takes about 6 weeks.
  • He then starts hardening the little plants up by exposing them a little outside to the sun.  Increasing a little each time. Great Hardening off Tips.
  • After a week leave out overnight, then plant directly into the gardens.

Paul plants Park's Big Bunch Hybrid
Park Legacy Hybrid Park
Whopper & Celebrity varieties of tomatoes

Check out Paul's Tomatoes!

Planting Tomatoes
  • Put a tablespoon of Epsom Salt into each hole.
  • Pull a few leaves from the bottom and then plant tomato next 
  • Place 3 toothpicks around each plant.  This prevents the cutworms from wrapping around and cutting the plants.

Great Tip
"When my maters get big, 
I gather up a bunch of leaves 
Put in water with a little cornstarch
Mix and use it to spray on roses
It protects them against Black Spot."

Dixondale Farms

Thanks 'Papa Bear' Paul Nelson
For all of the Great Gardening tips!

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