Banana Shrub, How Sweet The Smell

Some shrubs are somehow taken for granted.  This is one, and I'm ashamed to say so.  It is so pretty, stately, standing alone, and only takes a few limb cuttings to take care of it for another year.

I remember Mama and I sitting on the front porch and she telling me to trim out the center corkscrew limbs that were intertwining each other.  At the time I loved the look of the small tree like shrub.  Oh, to have her back sitting on the porch with me spouting her wisdom from years of experience in gardening. I'd cut away and watch her smile.

Today this shrub is on my mind.  Do you own one?  Talking today about an old favorite in many Southern gardens.

Ducks! We Have Ducks!

Hello All!  We've been very busy here at Hibiscus House, but I wanted to share the latest additions to our family.  We have ducks!  I need to tell you I know nothing about growing ducks!  This will be a learning experience for sure!

BBQ Sauce Boneless Pork Chops in the Pioneer Woman Instant Pot

I found six boneless pork chops in the fridge, I'd forgotten about.  Oh no, we can't waste perfectly good food. What in the world was I going to do with them?  I've been trying to use my Pioneer Woman Instant Pot lately so today was a day for it. I decided to make up a quick BBQ Sauce to use on them and cook in that way. Guess I'll do a little review on the pot today as well.