May 23, 2019

Ducks! We Have Ducks!

Hello All!  We've been very busy here at Hibiscus House, but I wanted to share the latest additions to our family.  We have ducks!  I need to tell you I know nothing about growing ducks!  This will be a learning experience for sure!

Well, Mimi had a heartfelt moment one day not long ago at Tractor Supply.  You know the Chick Days, lure you into the sweetest sounds and sights.  Chicks chirping, wait a minute what is this?! The cutest little ducklings ever!  I didn't come for ducks, was looking for new chicks, but they caught my eye.  I took two of them home, after all, the grands would love them! I purchased them on March 28th.

'Brainiac' and I have talked of putting a duck pond on the back of the property anyway.  The 'Lil One 'is focused on the two of us building a rocket ship and flying to the moon.  These ducks will entertain them until the pond can be dug and the rocket ship can be built. (you see he thinks he and I can build the blame rocket ship and go to the moon. Wonderful dreamer!)

Brainiac with ducklings five days after purchase

Aren't they adorable?  They really are.  I brooded them in the laundry room with the two chicks I purchased. That is something I don't recommend to anyone having them in the home is dangerous as it is and I have extreme allergies so I knew this was a no no!  I have a GermGuardian that helped me survive this short time inside.   

Ducklings about a week old

Ducklings growing like wildfire!
You can see they've outgrown this tiny brooder.
Time to put them outside even though they haven't fully feathered.
The weather is quite warm and they will be fine.

They love it outside!

April 12, 2019

This shows the new Buff Minorca chicks
Sharing a new outdoor space temporarily for warmth
Cora Lee, one of our Ole Folks Hens, is enjoying talking to the new additions
I would love to know just what she is saying to them, all I know is it sounds loving.

My Thoughts on Ducklings
I am new to this and with all things time and experience will help, I hope.  Things I've learned so far:

  • Ducklings grow extremely fast, which means you'd better have a large space to brood or place.
  • Ducklings make quite a mess
  • Ducklings will eat anything in sight, even the wood shavings in their surrounds
  • Ducklings, as one would think do love water so very much!  They make such a mess with their water and food.
  • Speaking of water, I've learned they have to have good clean water and use it to help with their eating of food,  They need it to be at least head with beak depth to wash and clean nostrils and eyes. (who knew all of this?  not I.  I just knew they loved water, not that they actually depended on it for living.)
  • Ducklings do not have to have a pool, only the water supply as noted above.  But I can tell you from experience they sure do love one!
  • Duckling can live off of chicken feed.  First off they can eat Grower Starter Food, but you must add Brewer's Yeast for strong bones, legs etc.  They need the niacin it gives them. I found mine on Amazon Here.  I just mix theirs in a large plastic bag with food and tablespoon (s) of the yeast shake the bag and feed.
  • DO NOT FEED BREAD to ducks.  It is not good for them and in fact can endanger or kill them.
  • You must have a good protected space for them to sleep at night.  They don't roost, and don't require a coop, but if you do get them one make sure it is on the ground.  They don't walk up into higher coops.  I have mine in our old igloo dog house and they love it! 
  • They are in a fenced in area with fabric tarp for shading and protection from the predators.
  • Speaking of predators, when they are young they must be watched because a hawk can pick them up in a moment's notice. (I've read).
  • I started these off with two baby chicks and soon found while they may get along, extra clean water in chick waterer is a must, because the ducks are far too nasty with their water for the chicks to use it as their only choice.
  • The chick, duck living together didn't last long at all, the fly population that developed in the pen was horrendous!
  • Ducks are prone to develop something call Angel Wing, in fact Daffy, our black one has it. I've been feeding him the right amount of protein food, but he/she still has gotten it.
  • I wrapped our Daffy the black duck several times only to find out he is a Houdini!  That duck can escape and pull anything off of his body.  He has tried my patience for sure, so he now walks around with his left wing sticking up and out, his choice.

photo of  duckling with Angel Wing wrapped in Vet Wrap

  • Did I mention they are a joy to own?  They are so funny and act like clowns.  Their little tails twitching and boys swaying.  You know when they are happy, because it shows!

Well that about covers our experience with raising duckling so far.
Oh, if by chance you know what breed our ducks are I would love for you to tell me.
Also, I could use any duck rearing information you may have for me as well.
Comment below if you do and I sure thank you!


  1. What fun! I love ducks, they certainly do make me smile! Not sure about the breeds, without doing a little research - the white one maybe a peking, the black maybe sweedish?? Enjoy :)

    1. The white was a duck pic I found with the vet wrapping, my little dickens wouldn't keep his on. The two black and brownish are the ones I have. Thanks for info, I'll check it out. Good to hear from you Diana!