Oct 1, 2019

It's Fall Y'all!

Hey, Fall Lovers!  It's here!  I am making a celebration of it too!  Right here by gardening and putting out things that would have made my Mama 'Dot' so proud!  You can see by my post picture that I had to start subtle in color.  You know the girls say, "Mama you only like the colors of white, off white, tan, beige with maybe a little light brown."  They are right I do, but am branching out and today celebrating right by myself.  I had a some help getting it to this point though, "Thanks Carly!"

We had a cool snap, that ended not long ago with heat index of 113 degrees..(← I'm not sure about that one), but either way it was smoldering here.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to cooler weather!

So, without further ado, presenting what you folks have always done, now I have some here too! Guess this is a large flip book of pictures!

Our Facebook followers know that I just haven't given the Fall season a break.  Spring is the season I truly love! There is something about everything coming to life, growing, turning green, blooms bursting open.

I had these tiny white pumpkins lined up on table,
But then decided I needed to add color!
Check it out color added!

Alright, back to Fall, my mama always said, "Dolly, look around you the colors changing right before your eyes, the leaves falling and crunching beneath your feet!  You need to enjoy this!"  She's right and I know she'd be absolutely proud of me this season.  I am adding the Fall colors for a quick show.

Color added!

We had company recently, and what better time to put some color out in the neglected gardens than now.  Thanks to my Carly for helping me work frantically to add them.  We visited the local farmers' market and loaded her car to the hilt!  Then ran home and started potting them up!  She found some gardening containers I'd forgotten we had here!  Surprise, surprise a money saving surprise indeed!

See how simple and pretty!

Another color added!

Looking out with some Fall Color
Still simple yet pretty

Need to rack some pine straw and pull grass off of my brick walkway yet!  Little by little I'm hopefully, if nothing else stops me I'm going to do it!

A little fall color here

New white mum 

Gloria is aging beautifully

Sun was just coming up so not very plain picture

Carly even put a pumpkin in my hopefully not dead bush
It looks really great for Halloween
She is excited to find some decoration to hang on for this haunted display!

Coming Soon
Our newest pet rooster
He likes to check out the gardening!

Enjoy your Fall
I sure intend too!


  1. Well, for a gal that doesn't love fall, you did a beautiful presentation of it! Everything looks lovely and while I am a colorless sort of person, I do add color come Fall. It just isn't fall to me without a bit of orange and bright colors.
    Have a wonderful night. xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      Thank you so much!!! Glad our rushed easy decorating made it somehow Fallish...:). I hope you have a wonderful night too my friend! xoxo Dolly