Nov 9, 2019

Bradford Beavers

I am pleased to have as Spotlight Story Bradford Beavers. Bradford, is a born fisherman.  I really believe he was born to do this.  Today we learn a little more about this young man and his talent for pulling in the big ones!

Bradford is from Summerville, South Carolina.  He loves hunting as well as fishing.  We may have to get him to share some of his hunting experiences with us one day.  His home lake is Santee and his favorite lake is Okeechobee!  Bradford's strengths lie in jigs and spinnerbait.  I'm sure you fishermen out there know all about these!

I asked Bradford to write about himself.  That is something that is hard to do for most people, because they believe they have nothing to say.  Everyone says this and each has a story to tell. 

We will be hearing much more about this young man, his love of and talent in fishing.  Heck the internet is blowing up with his information, a simple search shows that.  Today his story.....

In His Own Words:

" Betting On The Bass, The love of wetting a hook started at an early age for me, before I could walk!  My dad would strap me on his back in a backpack, and we would take off for the river."

"As I got older, we headed for the mountains of North Carolina and fished the Davidson River in Brevard."

Check out that big fish for such a little boy!  Yes, he is a born fisherman!
Dad, was as well, I do believe!

" Fly fishing is such an art.  I always believed that if you caught a fish on a fly that you didn't tie yourself, it didn't count.  So, I set up a fly tying room in a tiny area in my parent's house under the steps, when I was 7 years old."

Can you imagine at that age he was setting up an area and making his own?  Amazing!

credit:  Bradford Beavers

credit:  Bradford Beavers

"My only motivation for getting my drivers license was to be able to drive to the boat landing and launch my boat."

credit:  Bradford Beavers

"As I got older, I started to enter some local bass fishing tournaments with my dad.  We got lucky and started placing in many and winning a few. " 

Bradford and his dad Dwight

Bradford and his dad Dwight

credit:  Carolina Bass Challenge Lake Murray 2018 & story bottom left of that website.

Bradford Beavers-Dwight Beavers Win Carolinas Bass Challenge February 3, 2018 on Lake Murray

credit:  FLW & Bradford Beavers

"This led to entering a few of the larger tournaments with FLW, Fishing League Worldwide.  I have been blessed to win a few of those.  This has offered me the money needed to continue to enter more tournaments. "

credit:  FLW & Bradford Beavers

credit:  FLW & Bradford Beavers

Beavers Wins COSTA FLW Series Tournament on Santee-Cooper Lakes
Sponsored by Power-Pole:  read the story here

"Tournament fishing is expensive.  It's very costly to enter these tournaments.  My hope is to keep winning enough to continue to enter and hopefully be able to win a few more."

credit:  FLW
Winning strategy on Kentucky Lake

March 9, 2019
Over 6 hrs but great watch!  Bradford comes in around 12:53---46:07---
Started this tournament in the #1 Position
Recorded Live Fishing Tournament Day 3 on Lake Seminole
He made the top 10 to fish on Day 4

I wanted to share some of the activity for those of us that have never been to a tournament!

Bradford Beavers Fishing Facebook

credit:  FLW

Read all about it link below
Oct. 17th - 19th   2019

I'll end the story today with this peaceful fishing shot...

credit:  FLW & Bradford Beavers

  • CAREER EARNINGS:  $332,060

This has been a fun,  learning adventure for me. Who knew fishing could be so exciting?  I remember loving every minute, sitting on a river bank watching my daddy, Carl fish.  I also remember there could be no talking, but when he would pull one end it was screaming time for me!  He would then clean and cook right there on the bank.  We would eat them and they were delicious.  That is the kind of fishing that came to my mind until I researched and watched Bradford and those pull the big fish in!  

I feel like fishing myself now!  How about it, are you all ready to fish?

We haven't heard the last of this young man and his fishing career and I look forward to each and every tournament win!  Such talent at such a young age, astounding! He's from South Carolina too!

His mother told me, "He is living the dream".   Not many of us can say that, but I believe he is!

Thank you Bradford & family for the story!
Good Job!
Keep it up!
We'll be watching!

Follow Bradford:

Bradford's Website:  Bradford Beavers

Bradford Beavers Fishing Facebook

Bradford Beavers FLW Angler Profile

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