May 14, 2020

Funny Girl and How to Cut Up a Chicken!

Today's post is whimsical and informative.  Do you cut up a whole chicken?  I find that most are intimidated.  I've done lots of informal tutorials cutting them up. I don't have a personal video but will share some here that will show you how.  

Don't be afraid just use a little caution with sharp knives as you would or should anyway and you'll be fine. Never ever cut towards your body, your hands, watch those fingers, and above all don't be distracted by anything. Put the knife down beginners if something does take your attention away from this activity. 

I was cutting up chickens recently to be put into the freezer for later use.  Catie was here our comedian, and she decided to help me by bagging the pieces and labeling.  I was glad for the help.

She left the room and when I was putting the bags into the freezer I had to laugh out loud.  She will do and say anything to get a rise out of me.  If she thinks something will make me scream CATHERINE, or turn red with embarrassment she will do it!

That crazy girl!
This says, "getting chincey round here with a half-cut up chicken"

I've started cutting all cuts of meat, chicken, fish into smaller portions so as not to waste so much. Okay truthfully, it will help us not to eat so much!  I guess she found that amusing this new change! 

This one had me laughing so hard!
It says, " Magician's Assistant"
Half Chicken

The girl watches way too many horror films!
It says, " Severed arms of our chicken enemies"
This is chicken wings!

I told you she would do or say anything to get me flabbergasted!
This says, "Mama practicing her serial killer moves".

*She had one more but that was a name she gave to the chicken breasts, you can imagine that one for yourself.*

This is a homemade sausage from a local town's butcher named  "BIG'S" we use and like.

This is funny because of our location
If you've ever been on Interstate I-95 in the past before they removed most of the signs from a business called 'South of the Border' you will remember all of their signs that lined that interstate, and know what she is talking about here.

It says," Big' never sausage a place!"


I'm not that into making videos of myself but one day I may do a video tutorial for cutting up a whole chicken. Until then I will share what I think comes as close to how I do it in the videos below.

Great Video

I don't use scissors but that could be a better/safer way to cut the backbone out!
*Mama always told me when separating the leg from the thigh look for the line of fat!
That is your separation point already laid out for you"
It is too!


I like to cut a chicken similar to the video above, with one exception, I like to at times cut out the 'Pulley Bone' aka 'Wish Bone'. That is simple for one that cuts up chicken regularly.  It might take a little practice for new to cutting up a chicken so be very careful if you try this until you are used to cutting up a chicken. 

I've tried to start the video below at the point of cutting up with the pulley bone. I personally leave the skin on, she pulls off. The choice is up to you of course, but if a chicken is fried right that can be one of the best crispiest parts to this piece of chicken.

(*I would watch the pulley bone cut and then turn off it may confuse otherwise. You've already gotten a great video the one above for cutting up the whole chicken.)

Until next time....


  1. This made me giggle. She’s a hoot.
    I have never cut up a whole chicken until it was on the dinner table. I used to watch mom cut them up and separate the pieces just like you did.
    I always skin my chicken before cooking it but you are right. I good fried crispy skin is the best.

    1. Hi Lisa, this daughter is something else.  I only did it because when I was young mama pretty much made me learn to do it. I do skin some at times like making skinless boneless breasts etc. I guess when I make fried chicken I just leave it on though.Not the healthiest thing to do but guess that's what we're used to.  Have a great rest of the week the weekend is almost here I can't believe it!