The Hydrangeas have been especially beautiful this year. I suggest if you are in a zone that can grow them, that you do so.

This shrub if you've been with me for a while you know is one of my favorites. I remember my grandmother having some and even as a small child I would just stand in front of them and stare.

Clemson video talks about them in the post below

These flowers are automatic arrangements. A cluster or group with so many different colors on one bush that they make one fantastic display and without much effort, I must add! You can see a post done about Arranging Hydrangeas if you like. 

Mine are now starting to die off after weeks of beautiful blooms. You can dry them when they are at their peak if you like.

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Today's post is the simple beauty of the Hydrangea in pictures.

Summer is Here: This and That

Hydrangeas 2020

Summer has arrived can you believe it?  I find it hard but then again this has been one year for the record books and still is! 

The Hydrangeas are as usual a beautiful sight with their many-colored blooms. The roses well that is another story, the daylilies are beautiful.  My new garden this year in buckets and pots is coming along. The pears are still loaded on that one tree. The grapevines are coming along. 

Our grand-pets are thriving and that is good.  The little chicks are thriving and growing.  They are a little over a week old now. They've learned how to come up and down on the ramp from the two-story coop! Whew, that is a blessing. I was bitten hundreds of times by mosquitoes one night trying to train them. Silly me like the mother hen didn't have that in hand. They are so adorable!

Happy Daddy's Day!

Daddy has been gone now for almost 30 years. Wow, that just hit me that it's been that long!  How can that be and where oh where did the time go?  All I know is he and Mama are missed every single day of my life.

You, if you are blessed to still have your parents never let a minute go by without showing how much you love them. I pray you have a good father.  

I say father here but pish-posh that is not what we call ours here in the south. Daddy is what we call them now and forever! Pronounced like ded dee or dea dee.... depending on the mood. If you want something the latter is drawn out to sound like dea deeeee I need something only you can do. You get my drift.

Today talking about daddy, car shops, racing etc....

The Last Chick Has Hatched!

I'm so excited that all the eggs have now hatched. There is nothing better than the natural way of life. Eggs hatched under a hen fare better by far in my experience than incubating them. Plus, how convenient it is for you to have the mother hen taking care of them!

This year as you all know has presented some unusual problems in all areas. It is time for us to buy new chicks so our family egg production will continue on. Thankfully this surprise broody hen made this possible.

I know eggs don't cost much and growing your own chickens for eggs can be expensive but, the eggs are worth it. You most always have them on hand and sometimes enough to share.  Fresh eggs are more nutritious and sure do taste and bake things better there is no comparison.  Fresher than store-bought which can be as old as 45 days when you purchase. I love fresh and it is always better.

This hatch is near perfect!  One blue egg the hen culled from the bunch and maybe just maybe she had a reason behind it.  The hen that laid the egg I buried yesterday, she was sick. I loved her but she wasn't doing well.

The Lord gave me four more to help ease the loss!  Today sharing pictures inside the henhouse.

We Have New Chicks 2020 Hatch!

How adorable is this?

Hey everybody look at this! I was so sad because my last blue egg layer is dying.  I went out this morning and found these little cuties, that cheered me up!  I can't believe they made it.  We have one egg left under her and there is still hope today is day 18.  I will give it a few more days and then remove the egg if it doesn't hatch.  This hen has already sadly removed the blue egg from her nest on her own. I was so hoping for another blue egg layer, but it's not meant to be.

I have to say we didn't know if we'd get a hatch out of these eggs. The hen seems to have so many issues and is stubborn as a mule!  

You may recall she is the one who took everyone's eggs and put them under her.  This is the second batch because after the first batch she abandoned I discarded them. Tried to move her to the little red hen house on the ground, but she would have none of that. She just abandoned them and went back to the two-story hen house and started setting on more. Had to mark them and daily remove all the extras she would hoard including the two fake ceramic eggs!  Even up until last night I removed two real and one fake.

We're excited to see our new chicken family additions!



Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.

Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.
WWII fellow soldier in same unit as my Dad the 83rd Chemical Mortar Btn.