Jan 20, 2021

Hand Painted Canvas Ornaments by Gaye Ham

I've enjoyed sharing Gaye's work with you. This is the last  of the Christmas gifts and ornaments we have here.  They really made our Christmas tree so festive.

Today I'm sharing them in a quick picture post.  Please be aware the ornaments are much prettier than my pictures convey.  I am still getting used to my new camera!.

Pay particular attention to the very last one because Gaye really captured the year 2020.  You'll see!

The man himself and he does look especially jolly
I really like the ribbon she wrapped and made the hanger from!

I sure love this one!

This is such an adorable collection!

I told you she captured 2020 perfectly!
Aren't these all adorable?

I hope you enjoyed the oh so cute ornaments!

Thank you Gaye!

Gaye and Hannah

You can see Gaye's other works that we own at the links below 

Have a great rest of the week
I'll be back soon.