Jan 22, 2021

Goodbye Jimmie Ray

Jimmie Ray 

I am at a loss for words.  That happens so seldom but when the heart is involved it happens.  It seems unbelievable when someone you care for dies.  Disbelief and shock set in and then reality hits you.  A sudden unexpected loss seems to be the hardest.

Please be in prayer for his wife Susie, his mother Neta his children, grandchildren his brother sisters the entire family.  They need the strength to carry on.  He will be missed.  These are hard times for sure.

Rest in peace my brother from another father and mother.  We love you! I thought we'd have more time but that wasn't meant to be. We will miss that smile that could light up a room the laughter and the kindness.  

Jimmy loved his horses, the outdoors, and traveling!  You can see his horses in this post: 

You can see and actually hear from him with his herd dog in this post:

What a joyous greeting you must have received from your loved ones already there. I can only imagine.

We'll see you later Jimmie!

May God bless and keep your family

Memorial Service was held February 6, 2021