Jan 14, 2021

Sweet & Sour Chicken Art by Gaye Ham

Today's post is about another beautiful piece of artwork done by Gaye Ham that was given to me by Catie.  She knows I own chickens and love raising them.  This as the other print is a very good addition to our home. It will be good to have them framed and hanging one day soon (along with many others I want to hang).

It's always a blessing to enjoy the pretty creations talented people make. See this beauty in its wonderful bright and happy colors....

I really like the bright and cheery colors in this painting
We can always enjoy that

Another of Gaye's works in case you've missed it. Enjoy it today

Recently this artwork titled Strawberries 'n Cream by Gaye was posted here

Gaye is working on her website and I'll let you know when it is up and running.
Should you be interested in any of her work just send me an email and I'll get you in touch with her.

We have one more post to do on Gaye's art
It will be of those cute Christmas ornaments

I hope you're enjoying these as much as I am bringing them to you!