Jan 9, 2021

PRODUCT REVIEW: Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Utensil Set

Hi Friends

I think by now you know that I absolutely love using the Joseph Joseph line of products.  This product is one more to add to the long list of likes!

The Elevate Utensil Set gets lots of use in this home that's for sure. As an avid cook it makes things go a lot quicker if you can get your hands onto an item quickly.

You know I like to cook and have for many years.  My mama Dot had me standing in a chair to stir a pot and wash a dish before I was tall enough to reach the stove or sink.

Hibiscus House is a downsized version of a former home I loved and with downsizing comes adjusting.

Being able to organize declutter and make the best use for the small space means quicker and more pleasant use of items.

Review of this product just in case my intro didn't let you know how much I like! 

I've had this particular item for over a year now

I might as well share their video for you to see first

Elevate™ Carousel Utensil Set - Joseph Joseph from Joseph Joseph on Vimeo.



  • Organized and Effective
  • Small yet Extremely Useful
  • You can Hang the Utensils Pointed Outward or Inward Toward the Twirl Rack
  • The Twirl Action Works Well
  • Many Color Variations to Choose from On Site
  • Hibiscus House Time and Use Tested
  • It is Amazing They Do Make Less Mess on Countertop 
  • Durable-Joseph Joseph products All Are
  • The Utensils Are Easy to Clean

  • These Utensils Take Up a Lot of Space in the Dishwasher But Wash Well
  • I Hand Wash Most of the Time But That is My Preference
  • Depending on What You are Cooking You May Have to Use Spoon Rest Underneath But that is Usually Not the Case--a Paper Towel Will Stop Any Drips You May Have


I Highly Recommend! 

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