Mar 5, 2021

The Painting of Catie

This is such a lovely painting of Catie.  Gaye Ham is quite an artist.  She is a friend to me, we've known each other since our school days.  She and my youngest Catie have become friends as well since Catie became her hairstylist.  Catie's husband Doug and his family have been lifelong friends with Gaye as well.  It is a small world, isn't it?  

When Gaye contacted me about wanting to do a surprise painting of Catie I was thrilled.  It wasn't long before she found just the right picture that she wanted to paint.  Catie was probably around four or five years old playing in the yard.  Gaye said, "That's it! The one with her walking around barefoot in the yard and I like that shadow!

She gave the painting to Catie recently and we were so excited to see the finished piece. Sharing it with you today.
Keep in mind the artwork is much better than my photography so imagine it, in reality, being much more fantastic.

I can't put my hand on the original photograph but will share this portion of another copy.

Original photograph 

Painting photographs below

Following pictures were taken with my old camera
Different cameras and angles really make things look different don't they?

Little Video Sharing

A wonderful gift and we're thankful!

Artist Gaye Ham and Hannah

Catie says, " I've never felt so special in my life".

You may contact Gaye 


  1. Great job from your friend. Being a painter I have to say I have issues with hands and faces so I always paint ones where the face is turned away. Beautiful.