Jul 18, 2021

Hummingbirds We Love Them


Chuck and I have really been enjoying the early mornings and late afternoons sitting on the porch watching the wildlife.  Carly gave him this pretty colorful feeder for Father's Day. We and the birds have been enjoying it.

I've heard as people become older they have a love of birds and gardening.  I hate to burst that bubble or train of thought but some of us are born with a love of birds and gardening. I am one of them, are you?

Mama and Grandmama always loved the birds so growing up we learned to love them too.  If you feed them they will come.  I love to hear the quick dive-bombing buzzing sounds they make as they come in to feed.  They seem to have no fear even if I'm gardening right below the feeders. 

Today I'm sharing my little unprofessional along with some great PBS videos on Hummingbirds.

PBS Hummingbird Videos

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Grab you a Hummingbird feeder or two sit back relax and enjoy them!

God has given us so much to enjoy!

Do you have them?

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