Jul 13, 2021

Tomato Talk

 Today we are having a show and tell about growing tomatoes.

These tomatoes are Beefsteak Patio Tomatoes from Roberta's and I saw them on QVC and had to have them. Names of the varieties are Big League and Atlas. 

I wasn't sure how they would provide but they've been very good growers and bloomers here. I recommend them!  They don't have them for sale at present but I can't wait for next year!

Damage from Hornworms and Stink Bugs pictured here

However we have always had trouble with Hornworms and Stink Bugs on our tomatoes.  This year was no exception.  We've pulled a dozen or so worms from these plants and then I had to get rid of the stink bugs they did some damage as well.  I did put some diatomaceous dirt on the plants.  It did some good but after that the plants began to have browning leaves.  

They've been through quite a lot and yet they revive and keep on bearing.

Two other garden helpers

Today some of the ripened tomatoes!
Yes, they are delicious!
Yes I've had a tomato sandwich or two!


My little helpers!
It does my heart good to be with the little ones 
I'm so glad they are on summer break.
This one thinks I'm a farmer and that is a sweet hoot!  
What fun to share growing things with them


  1. Beautiful tomatoes. They sure are survivors. I would love to have a tomato plant but those ugly horned worms are the reason I don’t!!! Tomato sandwiches are my favorite!

    1. Thank you Lisa. I hate them too reason I have the boys to pull the ugly boogers off!

  2. Your tomatoes look great. That is awesome that you can share you garden growing with the youngin's. I'm hoping our grandkids will be interested, but they live in another city too.

    1. Hi Krisina and thank you! I hope your grandkids will get to enjoy you and your gardening and know they will be blessed for it. Making memories.