Jul 29, 2021

Zinnias Butterflies Bees Lots Of Pollinators


Zinnias are such simple colorful easily grown annual flowers.  They are such bloomers that we sometimes tend to walk right by and ignore them. They really are beautiful.

I'm amazed at how many butterflies, bees, and other insects really love them.  

Okay, even the Japanese beetles love them.  I so wish to rid the garden of them but on this day I let them stay hoping they'd stay away from my rose blooms while enjoying what the Zinnias have to offer them. 

Sharing the flowers with other little creatures who enjoy them.

There is a Japanese Beetle enjoying these.
I'm allowing today but they won't be allowed on my roses ever!

I cut some and put them on the porch to enjoy!
Do you grow them?
I started these indoors in my MiracleGro  AeroGarden seed starter.
It made for early placement outdoors
It wasn't long before they were being enjoyed by all!

I've been busy inside where it is a little cooler canning up a storm! I've canned some tomatoes, peaches, fig preserves, and made a few pickles.

I've been trying out my new electric Ball Water Bath, also the  Presto Electric Canner, and even did a few things in the Instant Pot Max. I'll do a review on them later to let you know how they performed for me.

Also, have you noticed the absence of canning supplies?  Lids are in short supply and I've stooped to buying jars with the lids (like I ever in my lifetime of canning for over 45 years needed more canning jars!) just to have the lids!  The cost if you do happen to find them is outrageous!

Things sure are different in our world these days and you just have to make the best of it and carry on!

I have tried a new canning lid from Denali and I like them.  They are available.  I will review them later but until then check them out!  At least they can be purchased for the moment!

What are you up to these days?

Stay cool out there!

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