Aug 8, 2021

Making Strawberry Jam with Ball FreshTech Jam & Jelly Maker Misfits Fruits and Denali Canning Lids

If you know me you already know I love strawberries. Today I'm talking about what you can do if you love jam the season is over in your area and you haven't made jam!  

I've found a number of ways to do things from home.  It is truly amazing what you can do from home these days. 

Today making jam when you've missed the strawberry picking time and for the first time in years have no strawberry jam! 

Things are so out of this world expensive and you can't find the canning supplies you need without buying sets of canning jars with lids when you already have a storage building full of jars. After all, I've been canning for almost 50 years! (did I say that?  Yes, I did!).  I actually bought more jars just to have the lids this year!  

Have you had that problem?

After buying about eight cases of Ball jars, just to have the lids, I happened across Denali Canning lids and was glad.  I ordered them and they came almost immediately.

I've not yet reviewed Misfits Market  I may do that soon.  Carly and I both order from them and I'll tell you it hasn't always been premium produce coming to the door. However, the produce that does come in good shape is delicious!  The strawberries this year from them were out of this world delicious!

Hmm, making jam you need really ripe fruit so this just might work.  I ordered six one-pound containers of organic strawberries.  They tasted delicious!  I knew I'd better be ready to can that day or the very next day or they would be way too ripe. (Keep that in mind if you shop with Misfits).

Catie and I went to work the next morning making jam with the Ball FreshTECH Jam & Jelly Maker.

I really like using the jam maker you can find a recipe here or see below that is for Strawberry Banana Jam.  

f you prefer you can leave out the banana you can adjust your fruit measurement to 2 2/3 cups of mashed strawberries for Strawberry Jam instead.

I've used Ball products for many many years.  They changed the way they make them not many years ago.  That change doesn't seem to be for the better.  They may be healthier I don't know but in my lifetime I've never lost so many jars to the unsealed jars as I have since this change.  Will I still use them?  Yes, I will if they can be found that is.

Denali has proven to be short-term anyway that they are a sturdy substitute and at the moment a good go-to source.  I like them!  Will I use them again?  Why, yes I will.

** My personal notes**
5 1/2 one pound container of misfits organic strawberries made 8 half-pint size jars and 17  4 ounce jelly jars of strawberry jam. (5 strawberry jam alone half pint-size and the rest strawberry banana jam.

The jam is delicious made with the Misfits organic strawberries!  This was a wonderful solution to our problem this year of no jam-making during the season here!  MISFITS MARKET

Update 2022 Misfit strawberries  sadly not as good. I do know strawberry crops having worked and grown them for over 22 years. I know weather along with many factors determine how a crop will turn out.
  *note Their season 2021 crops were delicious but now 2022 they aren't.  May be a different source but no these I will not be making jam from and will do good to save any of them to freeze.  I don't like to speak unkindly but you do take a chance with anything purchased in these times.  They are different that's for sure.* They may be better next order I hope so.  

Misfits does have wonderful customer service and are quick to respond.  They've given me a complete credit for the bad fruit and always have made good on anything that isn't. 

Misfits do have some of the best tasting organic items. Some I've come to depend on like their constantly great sweet & yellow potatoes , onions collards and many more good items.  This was just one bad shipment I will continue to use them but wanted to let you know.

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  1. I've also purchased new jars this year, while I have plenty stored out in the well house. It's a shame that we can't find lids.
    Your jam looks amazing and your recipe interesting, I've never used bananas.
    Happy canning!

    1. Hey Connie, what in the world are we gonna do with all the jars? We have some very strange times we're living in for sure.
      Thank you so much! My kids have always love the strawberry banana but I always make both types of jam. It reminded them of their baby bananas in the Gerber foods they used to say.
      Happy canning to you sweet friend!