Oct 24, 2022

This Little Cabin Is Always So Cute!


I really like this little cabin.  It has so much character, no matter the season.  It almost decorates itself for all. The marigolds are still blooming!  Plant seeds friends you'll have many more blooms for the bucks!  The pumpkin was given to me by my daughter and it makes a stand-alone statement!

Sharing the beautiful fall colors in a simple way.

I know one day I'll have to paint to preserve this little cabin, but for now we're enjoying the rustic look

Friends told me this cabin appears magical.  I had never thought of it like that before, but they described it perfectly.

Hope you enjoyed the Fall Color


  1. Oh! I would not want to paint it either. It is just perfect the way it is. I agree-it is magical!!!! xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! I don't want to paint either but it may rot down one day if I don't..Will be putting it off until I have too! Dolly

  2. I’m with Diana, Do not paint it. Leave it patina. I would love to have a little cabin like this. What do you use if for? I would make it a she shed..

    1. Hey Lisa,  Thank you!  I use it for my garden shed.  The thought has crossed my mind to turn it into a she shed, but I'd have to fix the wiring.
      If it doesn't start falling down I will try to leave it.  I like it too!