Oct 27, 2022

We Have A New Refrigerator! The Old One Is Jealous Of The New Opal Sonic Type Ice Maker!

Check out this video a cousin shared with me the other day!  

What a great refrigerator for 1956!  Heck, I'd buy one now if I could find one!  Isn't it so cool?  I think so!

I found a great GE Opal ice maker the other day on sale at Amazon.  You may remember that the ice maker in the Electrolux never really worked. Lazy me was getting tired of making ice. I knew it had to be a new addition to our home! The kids love this type of ice too!

The Opal ice maker is EXCELLENT!  We love it!  Finally, I can put away the old ice trays. Yay! 

Wouldn't you know as soon as we plugged in the new ice maker! I kid you not at the exact moment I plugged in the Opal do you wanna know what happened?

The refrigerator started doing crazy things! I tried talking to it yes, I did.  It was so jealous of the new ice maker it was showing its behind!  😏😟  😢😅

The temperature in the freezer started slowly rising, then by nightfall, the fridge temperature went high and the freezer went low again.  

We dealt with that for 3 days me up all night one night and then moving foods up and down and finally into coolers and the trash.  All the while I was looking for a new refrigerator! 

Thankfully after the loss of sleep and trying to save much food, four days later I found just the thing! 💃

I asked Friends to share with me the brands they own and what they liked or didn't like and what they would buy next time.  A few friends suggested not buying high-end appliances with all the frills, bells & whistles.  You know the things that cause something to always break!  

Old Electrolux

Goodbye, huge 27.8 cu. ft. old nonworking friend with good qualities when working. Notice my old portable ice maker on the left on the counter, The ice maker on this fridge never worked much at all a complete lemon, but the refrigerator had some great qualities.

I thought I'd go with the white to match my newer stove but decided against the very expensive matching one in favor of the new fridge which is stainless!  

Guess what?  No ice or water in the door! I did indeed go for as basic as I could. Who knew the bare minimum could be so expensive?  Whew, things are expensive now!

My newest before this purchase appliance the Cafe Range

Do I like it?  I'm still undecided on this one.  It has a mind of its own and does what it wants when it wants.  It is very unruly!~

What I now know is that appliances are not made to last and seldom work properly.  The new norm I guess is big bucks for junk! 

My advice to you is to hang on to your old appliances and fix every one of them if possible the new/newer ones are basically Trash! 

I have a 44-year-old oven in another home still working. See the difference in the older ones?  They were built to last!

The young delivery guys put some effort into lifting the heavy broken refrigerator in the takeaway. The new one was a breeze to bring in.  I hope 'Hercules" aka Chuck or I don't dent the thing up it is so lightweight!

Here it is!

Hello new smaller no frills 19.4 cu. ft. counter depth Whirlpool

It is a Whirlpool!  Clean lines much smaller than my last and you know what?  I think I love it!  Yes, I do! I found it at Lowes here.  Check it out there for a better view of the inside and out.

If you have a few thousand to blow on one very basic fridge this is it.  It is new so I may have more to tell later.  I really like it for now!

Can you guess how many times I've gone to the door to get water?  I stopped counting! 😁 The good thing is I won't have to buy an expensive water filter!

The drawers aren't even crispers but guess what?  Some of the best celery and lettuce I've ever eaten came from them this week!

Partial Product Review


  • Much smaller in size
  • No bells, whistles, or extras
  • No ice or water in the door
  • No water or air filter
  • No crisper drawers
  • No full-width meat deli cheese drawer
  • Very narrow shelves
  • The ice maker is loud when filling and dropping ice but not for very long.
  • Much smaller in size
  • Holds as much if not more than the larger fridge it is an organizer's fridge for sure!
  • The narrow shelves make for a full view of items inside
  • There is a ledge in front of the narrow shelves that helps in some ways 
  • The lighting is very good
  • The ice in the freezer is frozen solid and works fairly quickly
  • The freezer has many shelves, and drawers and makes for excellent organization
  • One drawer is deep enough for a 20 lb turkey!
  • There are no handles to bump into or get your pockets or shorts caught on! 
  • Makes the kitchen seem larger with the smaller size.

It isn't huge but holds items as if it is!  That is a wonderful surprise!  I hope my writing about these things may help someone plus it serves as a journal for me later.  I'll update you later as to how well this performs, for now, it is doing a great job! 💓

Glad I'm a minimalist now or working on becoming one! 

 I am you know 😊!

Can I deal with the different colors? I do believe I can OCD out the window!

Another Product Review

The GE Opal Ice Maker


Recommend Highly!

We love the ice! It is a hard-working machine, that keeps the ice cold longer than some portable ice makers, and with the side attachment when it does melt it recycles and freezes to make more ice. 

 Ingenious!  Not cheap but works very well!

Until next time

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Hi Dolly this is Nancy (hooterville homestead) here I will tell you that I may be getting an icemaker we recently purchased a Frigidaire which is a cousin I think of Electrolux but so far I am very happy with our refrigerator standup freezer and stove

    1. Hi Nancy,
      I'm so glad you have some and they're doing so well. I've been tempted to buy Frigidaire as well but haven't yet. So you need an icemaker as well.
      I know the girls love ours. I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would too. Great to hear from you!

  2. Ok . As a minimalist myself….I love it!!! I want one just like it for my next one. We have a kitchen aid thats worked fine for 18 years so far. The only problem we had lately is, the water line broke so we cut it off instead of replaceing it. So I use ice trays. Haha. Lucky for us, we are not big “ice” people and as far as the water, we hated buying those expensive filters that you had to order! Haha.

    1. Wow, 18 years that is great! I don't blame you. I would cut off the water too instead of replacing it! Yes, those filters are crazy expensive. Hang in there girl and since you don't have
      a house full of ice lovers you'll do fine!
      This one is growing on me and I kinda love how it is! When you look inside you can see everything! It holds a lot more than I thought too!