Feb 13, 2023

Time To Plant Potatoes Now In Our Area!

Granddaddy Goodson

Today's post is about planting potatoes.

I no longer have this sweet wise man to guide me in gardening.  He was such a wonderful dear grandfather and one of the reasons this lady lives out in the country.  Goodson, as they called him could grow anything from a little of nothing and make it flourish.  They always had enough to store for the household, share with the entire neighborhood, and sometimes make a little profit in sharecropping. I miss him and his farming knowledge so I now go to the next best thing!  Thanks, Clemson!

This post is one for quick reference in gardening in our zone here in South Carolina. I hope it will be helpful for you as well.

 Clemson Home & Garden Information Center

Time to plant between now and the end of March

Great Article by Paul Thompson Horticultural Extension Agent

How to Plant and Care For Article

Coastal Spring:  Feb 1-Mar 31

Piedmont: Mar 15-Apr 30

Fall plantings are not recommended for our area

Video by Paul Thompson with Clemson Extension Service

Growing Potatoes in South Carolina Article (that corresponds)

note *Kennebec potato is a good one for our area

Not a lot of space to garden?

You can plant potatoes in raised gardens

Garden Answer : How to Plant Potatoes!

Check out the harvest!

Garden Answer: Harvesting Potatoes!

Onions next! 

 Our Texas Sweets are being shipped now!  Oh, how I love these! I'm excited!

Our Texas Sweet 2022 post

Happy Gardening!

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