Feb 9, 2023

The Gardening Itch

 Modern Pioneer  photo credit

The other day I ran across this picture and it brought to mind my great grandparent's garden. Isn't it simple yet beautiful?  Today's post is about vegetable gardening!  I can't wait to get my hands into the soil!

Love that picture. All of it from the cute fencing to the simple wooden buildings. All of my grandparents' gardens were truly living growing works of art!  One grandpa, Goodson his garden was clean enough to eat off the ground if you wanted to.  Neat as a pin. 

It's a good thing to grow food for the family table and flowers for beauty. Who's ready to get their hands into the dirt and grow some great things besides me?  I can't wait. Today's post is about Season 2023 garden planning!

I'm going through pictures of last year's garden.  You know that is a great way to log and keep a record of the seeds, plants, and how they produce as time goes on. 

I was so busy gardening that my blog posts were lacking on the subject of vegetable gardening. It can be very hard work, but it's so rewarding!

Bountiful harvests from many plants

I pulled some green because Oskar loved eating them and for some reason, 
These wanted to rot on the vine before ripening
We did harvest loads of these!

I planted some Baker Creek Heirloom Berkeley Pink Tie Dye &
Hoss Brandywine Pink which are now two of my new favorites
Of course, I had to plant the variety named Celebrity one of mama's favorites!

Squash 2022
Beautiful tender and delicious

Bountiful harvests weekly

We had great and many harvests from these

A great year here for cucumbers, because we made more in 2022 than ever before!
A Napa Type Chinese Cabbage  
Lots of strange insects invaded these internally but
We had a very bountiful crop of them
Very tender and crisp cabbage that can be eaten raw
Used in salads, wonderful slaws, cooked in stir-frys, or soups

Oskar watching over the produce
That boy loves to garden and all winter long he has been barking at the back door to garden more!

Cabbage I call them 'Coneheads' 2022
Heirloom seeds from
We made many and they were so tender rich in flavor very delicious
The bugs thought they were too
I kept diatomaceous earth on them which helped 

One of the named bell pepper varieties 
King Arthur Green or Bayonet Bell Pepper or Touchdown these hybrids from Hoss Seeds
Or California Wonder an heirloom variety from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Ripens quickly to beautiful red bell pepper
Early Sunsation Hoss Seeds a gorgeous yellow bell pepper performed well 
Mini Bell Pepper Mix Hoss Seeds produced really well 
I also ordered six live sweet mini peppers Roberta's from Qvc 
They did well,  Oskar enjoyed picking and eating most of those! 
The dog loves to garden lol!

Texas Supersweet Onions post all about them
I know you remember the post about these I was thrilled with these beauties!
I have pre-ordered and this year's sets should be on their way soon!

A few cabbage, squash, cucumbers, and my strawberries all homegrown
I love seeing the results of our hard work and gardening!

A partial day's harvest in June 2022
That new garden spot performed so well

Every day was a basket and apron full of produce and fruit

We had garden/sweet peas Lincoln and Tom Thumb English peas, green beans a few pictured above, and okra which I can't seem to find a picture of now but they were the most productive I've ever had out here in 16 years!  Clemson Spineless I love those and had those seeds for years in the freezer don't remember where I got them probably a local feed and seed store.

These Zinnias bloomed and bloomed and bloomed
They and the marigolds brought many beautiful pollinators to the garden

Early in June 2022 

I'm so excited to start planting.  Yesterday I planted some herbs and lettuce in the AeroGardens inside.
The potatoes need to go in the ground soon and the onions will be on their way shortly as well.
Soon I'll have to start the tomatoes inside for planting when warm enough outside.

What a joy to look back and see how wonderful the crops did.
God really blesses us

Friends let's plan grow cook and preserve our harvests!
Now, that's homesteading!


  1. I would love to have a garden. Husband says no. Also, I never have any luck. I have only done simple raised beds in the past and never get enough off the plants to pay for the set up. Haha. My parents usually till their land for us kids to plant some things in. Last year, I got a few veggies out of it but my big brother (who did most the work keeping it up) would pick most of the ripe ones before I could get down there. I did manage to get enough for me and Nick though.

    1. I know you'd do a great job, but it takes almost non-stop work when in season and you already work so hard and create on the side.
      One day you may just do some gardening and if you want too I hope you do!

  2. We are getting ready to select and start our seeds indoors. Looking at your photos is making me excited for growing season.

    1. I'm plum excited myself!  You have the greenest thumb of anyone I know so this is gonna be fun!

  3. I am going to try a small garden this year!! My second year of retirement so I am ready to devote time to something that I know I will love!!! Thank you so much for this blog! It encourages and excites me!