Feb 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

What does this day mean to you?

Does it bring to mind your one true love?

Are you looking for your true love?

Is he trying to win you?


Is he a frog that may turn into a prince?  Or is he a prince that may turn into a frog?

 Is he a born charmer?

Does it grow?  Do you cultivate it or let it go?

Is he talented? Is he busy?

Is she talented?  Is she busy?

Is he far away?

Alone on Valentine's Day you say?  It really doesn't matter in any way! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your day, have fun I say!  This moment is here and it won't stay!  Sing, dance, sew, cook, eat out, movies, read a book, call a friend, visit people...so much to pursue make the most of what you do!

Are they dear?  Do you call them honey?

Do you love sweets?

Do you like money?

Is it jewelry you desire?
 Or is it flowers you require?
 Is he from your past?

Are you together now?

 Whatever the situation I hope it lasts!

 Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! 
This post was done in fun I hope you enjoy!


 For more of the meaning of this day visit
A Valentine Day

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Dolly. Love your perspective!

  2. Cute post ! Have a Happy Valentines Day to you to !

  3. Love your post dear Dolli and hope you're having a great Valentine's Day!

  4. That is a wonderful, fun post- xo Diana

  5. I really enjoyed all your photos ...I hope your day was blessed! :)

  6. Aw, cute post Dolly! I love vintage Valentines, collect them. I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day! =]

  7. Dolly I celebrate love every day , love your post. Sorry I'm late getting here...thank you for adding your wonderful blog to the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo