Jun 6, 2016

Hibiscus for Hibiscus House

Today sharing the little Hibiscus for Summer.  These little annual plants will brighten the front entrance for a short while.  I've tried to plant the perennial versions but have had no success, so for now this is the way I'll have them here. 

Mama loved to garden so much and it made her smile to take us on a tour of her gardens when we would go over to see her. Such fond memories they are too!

What a pretty wet flower with a butterfly
I think this needs to be painted

The rooster was a gift from a friend

It was a very cloudy day but very peaceful
We have two bird nests on the front porch.
When the little darlings fly away the sanding and painting will begin.  

Mama always taught us to make our garden base perennial. She would say quit spending all of your money on annuals for instant gratification. Add some of those into your gardens but make the most of it perennial! That will come back and multiply years from now and you be sure to share some of them with others so that they can have a beautiful base for their gardens.

Oh and also make sure you have evergreens in that base planting for sure.

She did love her annual zinnas and others for cutting and extra color.

I try to make sure to have a few but when I do I want them to make a beautiful statement!

Grandmother always said I want to tell you to grow more from seeds as well that will give you a bountiful healthy crop of flowers and you will know you've grown them from seed and such a price cut.

Container gardening makes for beauty in any setting. No spot to plant in the ground put into pots! Live in an apartment with a sunny window plant in a container, Do you have a balcony? Container planting can be a joy for you! Whatever you do enjoy growing flowers and vegetables!

Looking out 

Looking In
Do you like the Gardenia Trees?  
I surely do and they smell wonderful.  

Another look

Hibiscus are so pretty, in fact they look artificial because they are!
I seem to be downsizing my flower gardening
But I have plans for cuter smaller ones.
I am planning and collecting items for a theme garden
The theme is kitchen gardening
It's not what you think
I'll share later!


  1. Beautiful. Gardening is such a joy and I like what your Grandma and mother said. Seeds are also fun to harvest.

    1. Thank you Ginger Dawn! I have to admit I've been so lazy with planting seeds here, but I would love to do that and also have a greenhouse. Maybe that could be in the near future?

  2. I tried growing hibiscus a few times and only one year they grew beautifully.

    I love gardenia and jasmine.

    1. Oh sad that they seem to be very hard to grow now. My grandmother used to grow them like crazy but the plants have probably been changed since that time. I think that is why I gave up and just decided to buy these annuals for the first time, but they are pretty so I'll enjoy them that way. I love gardenia and jasmine too!

  3. Your porch is welcoming and beautiful. What zone are you in? I'm is six and I'm going to try them next year. If I find a some marked down I'll go ahead and get this year.
    I'm taking a guess at a herb garden, Now that I started this year in pots hanging on the deck and lrg pots in th garden. Curiosity is getting the best of me, I wanna see.

    1. Thank you so much! We're in zone 8 and lots of people grow them I just don't have any out here on this property. This has been farmland for over 150 years and sometimes I get the feeling the land has been exhausted at times. Oh herb garden for the new kitchen garden no but I may put a few in it. I hope to get it going soon it is getting so hot here.I'll bet you have beautiful pots in your garden and deck. Good to hear from you as always!

  4. That butterfly is so pretty resting on the flower!! I love the land you have around your house, and it's not all hills so you can see a ways! Oh my porch needs painting very badly too but it also needs some boards replaced so it's been a slow go. I love your house!

    1. Hey Kathy, Thank you so much! You know I love yours, it is a dream home! We do have some flat land out here and I love it too. I know the hills are gorgeous and when we see them and go to the mountains having lived on flat land we get so excited! Maybe we'll get our porches painted and fixed soon yours and mine.