Hibiscus House Daylilies 2017

This little critter is enjoying the daylily

Today's topic is The Beautiful Daylily! This has been our showcase flower this year!  Everyday was a flower show. The best I've ever seen.  I'll put the link at the end of the post as to where we found them.  Join me today for the Hibiscus House Daylily 2017 Tour!  Watch your step!

My Electrolux Kitchen Appliances Review

Today I do a review of a kitchen full of appliances here at Hibiscus House.  Keep in mind that I cook more than usual!  As a matter of fact I cook all the time, so these appliances have to work hard! Having said that I still expect them to work!

Talking Chicken

Who loves chicken? I do being from the south or course our very favorite is fried but we also love a baked chicken?  We we sure do around here.  What can be simpler?  Throw it in the oven and bake. Many of you know I really like Jacques Pepin.  He is a man of many talents.  Today baked chicken is the topic and who better to explain than Jacques Pepin?

Chicken & Dressing Casserole

I can remember standing and watching my grand-mama Cora making her cornbread dressing with a little bit of chicken she had boiled.  I watched as she baked her own cornbread recipe from her own stone ground cornmeal granddaddy had taken to have ground.  Using the milk from her cow named Sookey, the eggs from her own laying hens and lard rendered from the pork grown on the farm. I almost forgot a hen that had just that morning been running around in the chicken yard.  Did I do that for this recipe?  Of course not!

Bunny Talk and Porch Curtains

Oh the excitement of a newly painted porch, railings and ceiling!  Friends you know how much we're enjoying the porch.  It is such a pleasure to walk outside and enjoy the colors!  It is amazing what a little paint can do to change your whole surroundings.  Color affects the mood even!
It wasn't long after we painted that we started noticing scratch marks, then gashes taken out of the porch flooring and railings.  What in the world was happening, we scratched our heads and gave up thinking about it.

Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste

Have you made this yet?  Do you make homemade products for your home, health or body needs?  I've found that although I put these things off they truly can save you money in the long run.  From time to time, I am skeptical of some of these homemade products and want to be sure they are safe to be used.  Every ingredient needs to be investigated for safety, well as best as any individual can investigate that is.  I jumped off the buy everything a while back and haven't been disappointed at all.  The deodorant I put together last year, and let me tell you one tube lasted an entire year, works wonderfully!  Today we're talking toothpaste!

Dolly is Cooking Brownies

I was in the mood for brownies the other day and these were what I came up with.  The coconut oil arrived the day before and I declared that I was going to use more of it because it just might be better for us than some of the oils out there.  

Flowers Shrubs Trees Butterflies & Rabbits

I must confess that in the last two years my gardens haven't been given the attention they deserve. They still perform beautifully, bless their hearts! 



Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.

Sam Kweskin WWII Soldier War-Time Artist Post-War Atlas Marvel Artist Co-worker of Stan Lee.
WWII fellow soldier in same unit as my Dad the 83rd Chemical Mortar Btn.