Nov 18, 2019

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving Recipes etc.

1 Thessalonians 5:18
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will
Of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Today I'm preparing for our Thanksgiving meal.  We will have the traditional menu, not much changes, because family likes that.  However, as of late, and I hate to admit it, my turkey has been lacking.  Carly makes one fine turkey sometimes two and they are great. Mine however needs some tweaking.

Over the years, I've made the turn on the oven very high temp. cook turkey for an hour, turn oven off, don't open oven door.  Wow it is a wonder any of us are alive!  Many friends and family did that dangerous recipe.  Hey, some of you may have?

I've brined, both dry and wet over the years.  Changed how I seasoned, slipped lemon, or oranges under the skin, stuffed onions and celery inside, doused with olive oil, butter of course.....

We've even spent hundreds of dollars on Heritage grown turkeys.  Truthfully, they weren't any better than the ones in the freezer case.  If I had the time and dollars would order from other growers and maybe the outcome would be better.  I just don't know.

What's a person to do when the turkey in present day is grown in such a rapid manner that it is just not as tender as it used to be?  Who knows?  I am thawing one in the sink presently to do a test bake and will let you know how and if it turns out well, or not!  I have high hopes!

Today sharing some pictures and links to Recipes I have on hand here. In the future I will share more from my now closed cooking blog.  Until then Happy Thanksgiving Preps to you all!


Carly's Turkey, it melts in the mouth!

Dolly's Cornbread Dressing baked in a Casserole Dish! HERE

We also love Ham

Have one if the fridge right now ready to bake for next week!

You know we in the South have various green leafy vegetables coming off now such as:
Collards, turnips, & mustard to name a few.
It has been a tradition in our families to have one or all of them!
The Green Bean Casserole is one favorite of my girls, so that is a must!


What Southern meal would be complete without the Casseroles?
We certainly in this household have to one, two, or three of them!




Of course we have the Sweet Potato Souffle and that recipe varies according to my whim!
Sometimes we have the Traditional Candied Yams!
We have an abundance of sweet potatoes in our area so are prone to make recipes with them.


Catie's Gradient Cake

Are you preparing for Thanksgiving? 
 Share if you wish what you are doing to prepare.  
You may share any menu items or recipes you would like as well. 

Guess, I'd better get up from down here and bake that test turkey that's in the sink!

Happy Thanksgiving Preps Y'all!

Credit for some of the pics used in the posts:
Thankful--Debby Hudson on unsplashBread & Pumpkin Pie--Elements5 Digital on unsplash
1st. Turkey-- Alison Marras on unsplash,  Green Beans--Neha Deshmukh on unsplash


  1. Oh---so good, Dolly. I love your recipes but I had never heard of the turkey where you turned the oven on high for an hour and then shut it are right- good thing no one died. lol Kind of like-how did we live to adulthood with no seatbelts?!
    We are having Thanksgiving at my son's house this year--(my old house) and I will take several dishes. We will end up with about 30 people as best I can figure. xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      I know right no seatbelts.  I can remember the 5 of we kids sitting in each others laps riding in a pickup truck.  We were also known to ride in the back of the open bed truck many times!  I know you and the family will be having a great Thanksgiving.  Your son in your old home, my daughter in mine...We still get to enjoy our old homes but in a different way..Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend
      xoxo Dolly