Apr 18, 2020

More Mask Information Prevention is the Key

Chuck in his policeman mask 

I sure am wishing for the pandemic to be over, as I'm sure you are.  How happy will we be to return to normal, maybe even a better normal? We've all thought and talked about this thing until we're sick of it!  It's a good thing to know what facts can be known, to practice safety, to protect all from becoming infected.  A friend on Facebook shared one of the most informative articles about wearing masks. You can and should read it.  

Catie and I have made the flat tucked masks with elastic and ties for our family. Some turned out well, and some maybe not so well (some of mine that is).  She made one for me that I wear when needed.  Mind you I stay at home always. I've said if this mess gets to me it will come to me I'm not going out to get it!  Which brings me to one of the reasons for today's post and that is what/who brings into the home dangerous germs, viruses, bacteria?

Chuck has several health issues he and I both shall I dare say it are evidently in the elderly age range! Ugh, there I said it, who knew?  We didn't! Really! You'll see when you get a little older, you don't feel you are until someone outside of the most mannerly southern taught individuals. We all say yes ma'am and yes sir it was ingrained in us.  But the first time you hear a young adult say yes ma'am or sir it lets you know you're getting older. 

I strayed off topic somewhat but to get back on that subject of masks. Do you wear one?  Would you wear one to protect yourself or your family?  I mean if you are out and about in dangerous areas it is something to think about. If not for yourself think of your loved ones, because this affects all. 

Some states are beginning to open back up in certain recreation areas and possible work areas are coming up next.

Would you think you are too handsome, masculine, or beautiful to cover your face? (jk)...

I've had this fabric in the cabinet for a while now and thought this would be a good use for it.  Chuck is a retired police officer, it was a major part of his life.  We're proud of that here because he was a great one indeed. I say was, but you never stop being one ever so he still is.

He has to go to the hospital and the VA frequently.  That worried me at this time especially, but it couldn't be helped. Please be in prayer for him, if you will. 

Anyway, I thought this fabric would be great for that purpose and he did too.  The Army was a big part of his life too.  He was in the Army Security Agency. Evidently, that led to his future love of law enforcement.

Ta dum! The Army mask is finished. I really like this pattern it is much easier to make for me than the tucked versions.  You can find the video in the other mask post here the Fitted Face Mask Video.

He's a good sport and models the masks I make for him.  He is proud of this one as well.  I'm glad because if he likes it he will wear it.

I confess he makes me angry and doesn't take this virus seriously enough. I'm like a mother hen on his back probably more than he'd like, but hey he needs to be careful!  He of all the family members because he has too many risk factors for having more serious consequences from this mess.

Mask Making Video
Warning:  It is funny, she is funny!
We might as well enjoy the moment!

Don't stress or become anxious about the situation, if we're lucky this may be over with soon!  Thinking pondering, as a friend has said lately, on something isn't a bad thing.  It is good to be more knowledgeable on a subject. Prepare that is the key to be prepared in any instance always is a good thing.

I know one thing we all are learning other ways to accomplish things. Who knew to buy groceries and home supplies could be such a challenge?  Elastic to make the masks is like buying gold if you can even find any. We would have had a mask factory out here in the home if supplies weren't so hard to come by. It has been an experience, one which I don't want to have for long.

Listen to me fussing when we all have so much to be thankful for, spoiled aren't I? Yes, we all are to some extent. We live in the greatest country in the world and that's the truth! I thank God for His forgiveness protection and love.

I can't wait to be with my little ones and hug the daylights outta them!  The bigs ones too need hugs!

Take Care Friends

Stay Safe


  1. Elderly age?? What is that? By the looks of you, I must be really elderly!
    I love those mask. You did a good job! My brother is a retired police officer too.
    We have stayed in except for our walks around the neighborhood and quick grocery store visits. My husband has been hitting the stores early during the “senior hours”. I have to make him take his mask. He’s a little stubborn too.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Girl you look like a teenager, I kid you not! Beautiful!  When you said your daughter was coming home, I thought she has a daughter that drives no way!  I am proud of you and your husband for hitting the senior hours. Now if this mess continues to get mine to go then would be great!
      I have been out on our property and walked our drive which is a quarter of a mile that helps sometimes, but even this homebody is getting a little stir crazy. Gardening a little if it doesn't rain today. We have had some beautiful days lately.