Jul 10, 2022

Summer Fun

These summer days fly away so quickly!  It has been a hot one for sure!  I love it when I get to see these guys!  You know I love to enjoy every minute!  

Today's simple 'Mimi's Brag Book' post in pictures. 

It is amazing how quickly they grow!  One minute you see them and the next week it seems they've grown a foot!

Measuring and marking the height!

Fishing in beautiful surroundings!

The boy can fish and wasn't there long before he started pulling them in!


It's getting dark

Look at that!


Here in the garden, I have a little help.  This one plans to become a farmer, or maybe an astronaut.  He's not sure and has lots of plans!

On this day he helped me spot a few Hornworms and pick some produce!  It was a great but hot time!

Oskar was so excited to have help in the garden as well. He gets so excited when the boys visit. I mean how many cucumbers tomatoes and strawberries can one dog pick?

These guys enjoyed picking blueberries!

Such hot weather here but we're all enjoying the summer a little at a time.  The berries are doing well.  These are from the bushes I sat down in their pots beside the storage building to plant at a later date.  Well, that was so many years ago and they rooted themselves and are now producing!  The chickens when out and the squirrels are having a feast in between the times we can get out to pick!

Since this is a guy's summer fun post I'll leave you with this last picture

That had to be one big frog!

Enjoy the summer.

Stay cool!

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