Sep 16, 2023

Fun at Tybee Island and Paula Deen's The Lady & Sons in Savannah

Catie enjoyed having her picture made in front of Paula and Richard Simmons, I of course with Paula herself and Carly with Paula and Kermit (Kermie).  

I've enjoyed reliving the great times we had through these Savannah posts, and hope you've enjoyed them as well.  Today I'm sharing a few more tidbits of our trip.

We stopped at a beach store on the way in and had a great time searching for hats!

We loved Tybee Island Beach!  The water was so calm and cooling.
An extremely peaceful place to be! 

Even though there were lots of people around it was as if the beach was very secluded & private! I was glad they had the umbrellas in that heat and the calm water was great!

We were tired and getting hungry after sun bathing and swimming. It was time to go back to the house for showers

Off we go to eat!

The girls know I've always wanted to eat at Paula's

The three of us really enjoyed the fried chicken!
Carly & Catie enjoyed the seasoned greens
The service was great and we enjoyed the restaurant and the store!

The best compliment I ever received was on this day from my girls. They said, "This is okay. I'm sure people enjoy it, but they don't have you mama and yours is the best!" Now, that really touched my heart. They are excellent cooks themselves and I'm so proud of them!

We went back to the house to rest and prepare to leave for home the next morning.

 Driving home we needed to rest and were hungry
We stopped at a place along the way called Fiddlers Seafood 

That was a gamble for us never having heard of it. Sometimes you can tell how good a restaurant may be by the cars in the parking lot. There seemed to be a many happy regulars. The food was delicious, the service was excellent! We may have to go back there again!

Now I'm hungry.  Got to get up from here and go cook something!

Our trip home was enjoyable but bittersweet
We would miss being with each other
Thank you so much girls!

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