Oct 1, 2023

Our Celosia is a Show Stopper!

These are still blooming their giant heads off!  I can't believe the beautiful blooms this garden has had this year!  Everyone is amazed at how pretty they are! Total Show Stoppers!

I started these from seeds inside in the AeroGarden. The predicted last frost was to be 6 to 8 weeks away. The seeds germinated very quickly. When I thought the weather was warm enough I planted the tiny seedlings outside in the Vegepod. I was babying them in that covered planter until they were large and sturdy enough to be planted outside totally in a raised garden bed. 

Grandmother was right!  She always said, "Dolly start your plants from seeds and they'll be healthier in the long run.  You'll have many more plants for your money.  You'll be glad you did."

She was so right and I'll be planting more next year!

Click to enlarge to full-screen 

Even Oskar loves them!

These were the easiest flowers to take care of
All I did was water when needed and that was it!

Until Next Time!


  1. I'm so glad you shared this - new flower to me. My little garden was pretty much a 'flop' this year. First too much rain (root rot & mildew) then periods of no rain. Plus ever-present insects. I couldn't open the link on how to grow Celosia, but don't worry yourself with it - I'll just 'Google'.

    I enjoyed your posts of the Savannah trip with your daughters. I used to have family there, but haven't been in years. You are so generous to share with your Readers! . . . And Fall is finally here. Yayyyyy

    1. Hi Eileen, I'll bet you could grow some beautiful ones in Florida. I'm sorry about the weather down there. Everything sure depends on that for sure to grow and thrive. I hope the link now works on the post.
      Ah thank you it was so great to get away with those sweet girls. I'm glad for the cooler temps here too! Great to hear from you!