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Tom Mann

You are the winner of the signed copy of the book
Tell Tale Souls
Tell Tale Souls 
 From the amazing author

Lynn Cook Henriksen

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  1. Congratulations Tom. Thanks for another wonderful giveaway Dolly. It amazes how you are able to coordinate so many great giveaways. I know it has to be a lot of work. Thank you for taking the time to host them.

  2. Tom, congrats! I hope, after reading the stories in the book and following the prompts and exercises, you'll find the inspiration to write your Mother Memoir and join the ranks of TellTale Souls.

    I'd love to read the story you'll write about your mother or another woman significant in your life. And, if you're so inclined, please send your short,true tale to me so I can include it in my "Tell Tale Souls" collection.

    Keeping Spirits Alive,


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