Jul 8, 2013

Old Fashioned Hydrangeas

I have memories of my grandparents homes and their flowers that will never fade.  It seems that they all had Dogwoods, Crepe Myrtles, Magnolia, and Pine Trees they all stick out in my mind but the Hydrangea Bushes around the porches, now they were a sight to behold.
I can still see those huge flowers blooming out all over their bushes, Their colors varied so much and were so beautiful. Like big fluffy balls of color.  That is where my love of them began.

Do you like them?

This years blooms.  I have some that are pink and am putting them in pots to try and keep them that color.  

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Hydrangeas. I have lots of pictures of the Irises, daylilies and all that have bloomed this year and will share those too.

Have a great week all!



  1. Simply gorgeous dear Dolly!...and with a glass of iced tea, well... Perfect! Have a happy week.

  2. These are Beautiful Dolly !!! :) *Cynthia

  3. Hydrangeas have got to be one of my all-time favourite plants. Here, we usually only saw the big white floppy headed ones (Annabelle). But recently we're seeing more and more colourful varieties - although blue is still rare. I have one pink one blooming now after waiting two years in this house for it to do anything.

    Your blues are gorgeous!!

  4. Dolly just gorgeous.. I love it.. xoxo Marissa

  5. Dolly- Those are absolutely gorgeous. The colors are stunning- xo Diana

  6. I love those hydrangeas but I am doubly in love with my southern sweet tea. Good post.

  7. Beautiful hydrangeas! I love that shade of blue. I've never grown hydrangeas, but lots f people have them around here too. Your post has inspired me to at least check them out at the nursery next time I'm there ... I just have to be sure I have a good spot for them first ... my garden is filling up!! Off to check out the tea recipe now ... enjoy the rest of your week Dolly :) Wendy x

  8. Absolutely beautiful Dolly! We have one bush that was here when we moved in and has never put off very many blooms. I just started researching them this year and found out why I don't get blooms. Going to take some cuttings so I can plant lots more, hope it works. I love your big blooms, they are such a pretty color of blue!