Jan 4, 2014

Bacon: So You Love Bacon?

Ah, bacon!

It is surprising to me this obsession with Bacon that has come about in the last few years.
What surprises me is the fact that you Late Bacon bloomers just found out about Bacon.
My question to you is:  Where the heck have you been?

I know what some will say, "Bacon is not good for you!  It is unhealthy, think of the fat, the nitrates!"  Well, here is what I say to you, " You don't have to eat it constantly, a little of anything won't hurt so badly.  We all need a little fat."  I always say this and firmly believe it, "It is not what you eat but how you eat it.  Moderation is the key!"

My goodness, we in the South were born and bred to love Bacon, grits, oh and sausages! Oops, I went off-subject.  We'll have to talk about grits and sausages later.

The great-grandparents and grandparents. Well, that is as far as I can remember growing their own Bacon...(pigs/hogs if you will). It skipped my parents' generation.  They chose to work outside the home in other fields.

 Aren't these cute little piggies?  Don't think about it, you know the ( bacon) This is not how they grow them for our (bacon).  They grow them crowded in CAFOs, but that is another story.
These are like the piggies at the trough I used to watch grandparents feed.

I can remember actually wanting to go watch granddaddy feed which was then called: Slopping the hogs.  I would stand there watching and hearing all of the "slop" fall into the hog troughs.  UGH awful sound in itself but wait!  The sound of the hogs eating was atrocious!  Yet, there I stood at granddaddy's feet watching in disbelief.  I personally knew from that moment on what it meant when someone would say, "He eats like a pig."

I know that if I were a true farmer I would raise my own pigs and make my own bacon. I am not because I would name them and then they would not become bacon.  How about you could you grow or do you grow your own pork?

Back to the subject at hand: Bacon, do you want a Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich?

Yes, Bacon has been a part of my life. I love it and always have!  It is just not for breakfast anymore.  I can remember we children asking for bacon and mama would say that was for breakfast...She soon learned well, when she went off to work and we were old enough to cook our own that we would have Bacon!  French Fries! Yes, all of the grease teenagers love!

Speaking of french fries that is something I must tell you.  I being the oldest of 5 children would come home from school and fry them constantly.  It became a favorite for me to cook for them.  I know they won't ever forget that.  Me trying to take care of them (notice I said trying, that was impossible) and cooking for them.

Now, who wants bacon?  I know You do!  Can you taste it?  I dare you not to have bacon today in some shape or form, and when you do come back and tell me about it!

 Let me leave this with you ~ one more time~
I want to pick a piece up and just eat it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. We are bacon eaters here, too. I like a lettuce and bacon sandwich- no tomato, thank you! And grits-oh-how I love grits with my bacon. You cannot buy grits here at all in Wisconsin. They don't know what they are missing, do they? xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      Wow you love grits too! I'm sorry you can't buy them there. They sure don't know what they are missing. xoxo

  2. Well we've always loved bacon, and here in Canada we have the famous pea-meal bacon sandwiches (very similar to ham) ... yummy! Mostly we restrict our bacon to a topping for our Saturday night pizza and when we go camping we have one big bacon & egg or bacon & pancake breakfast ... usually on a day when we want to laze around after a huge breakfast. My old neighbours raised pigs, but they always terrified me with their tiny squinty eyes and enormous size. I preferred horses & goats. Happy New Year Dolly! Wendy x

    1. Hey Wendy!
      I've never owned any and really don't want to. I love horses and goats too! I would like to own a milk cow though. It is interesting to hear what you do and eat in Canada! Happy New Year to you!!!