Nov 11, 2015

Tribute to all with a Little Bit of History Through My Eyes

I have no doubt that growing up right after World War II with a father who served in that war made me more patriotic.  Although that generation of soldiers were very tight lipped and humble.  They were some of the most patriotic of my lifetime. They were very heroic and extremely stoic.

Korean War

Vietnam was the next war that they didn't call a war.  What would one call a battle that took such a toll on life and still continues to take lives because soldiers were involved in that so called "not a war"?

I've had two spouses and each has been affected by the fall out of this so called "not a war". I lived through the fear that Vietnam wouldn't end and that my brothers would be called up to fight. It was a true fear. Thankfully they didn't have to fight because it ended.

Sadly, when it ended the soldiers who fought came home to a country that almost blamed them for the war.  They were shunned and since we probably shouldn't have been in this battle wanted to stick their heads in the sand and pretend it never happened.  They did not get a heroes welcome home, therefore suffered because of it. Imagine witnessing the hell they must have and doing the things they had to do and then to come home to be ignored and pushed aside.

It was fought during a time of rebellion with draft dodging to the extent that loads of people ran off the Canada to escape the fighting. The other percentage of peace loving individuals were stoned and carrying flowers singing and dancing spouting words of "Make love man not war".  "Peace not War" Actresses like Jane Fonda did downright treasonous actions and to this day soldiers hold resentment towards her.  She and others were wrong.  Our government was wrong.

Other battles since then have taken tolls on all involved.  Battles going on now that we as Americans know nothing of.  Events that have taken place and not been handled correctly.  I won't go into these last few years worth of war incidents.  You are living it now some of which you'll/we'll never know of.  It will surface years later I'm sure.

Don't get me wrong I don't like war in fact anyone sane wouldn't like or want war. War is not pretty, it is not welcomed, But there are times when they have to be fought, they must be fought in order to keep the peace.  Talking and trying to smooth over everything doesn't always work.There are times when lines are drawn in the sand and someone must be brave enough to fight these battles. 

History is a pretty good tool to be able to look at and learn from.

I am so proud that my daddy, Mr. Wheeler and those in their unit in WWII were able to help rescue those in Dachau Concentration Camp.  It was not a pretty picture and most of the soldiers don't want to talk much about it but it will forever be in their minds.

Daddy said this of that encounter, "Yeah it was so sad and we had a little food we tried to feed some.  Some of the people could eat a little some just didn't make it out alive."  He said we watched as some walked through the gates to freedom and then dropped dead down the road."  He said, "many were lost but thank God many were saved."

Isn't that so sad?  I'm glad They at least saw freedom and walked through that gate!  What giant steps they must have been.

People, insane people that is, who like to say the Holocaust didn't exist I can tell you IT DID!  I also see it beginning again with different groups and if we don't pay attention and get our heads out of the sand history will repeat itself.  I just hope that America will be strong enough to defend and protect!

Thank you to all who have served and to all who serve now! I'm proud of you!

I leave you today with musical tributes to all!


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    1. Thanks Kim. Serious posts are hard to do sometimes. We are so blessed to live in this country.

  2. What a powerful post, Dolly. That is amazing- I never realized that people walked out the gates to their freedom and then died right there. Thank God they died knowing they were free. My dad was a medic and he never told stories about what he saw...and said he did not want guns shot over him when he died (at a military funeral). We will never know the true horror of what they all saw and that is probably a good thing.
    Hope you have a beautiful day. xo Diana

    1. It got to me too Diana. Serious posts are really hard to do sometimes. It has saddened me from the first time he shared that with me and I was grown by the time he did share. I'm sure your dad had lots to tell. You are right we will never know and it is a good thing.