May 31, 2016

Making Your Own Green Cleaning Scrub

A few years ago I was introduced to an amazing woman, Leslie Reichert the Green Cleaning Coach. She started green, safe and easy ways to clean for a healthier 'we and the environment'.  I had this recipe/mixture on Dolly is Cooking and it was liked so much that today I bring it over to Hibiscus House for you to still have at your fingertips and use.

I've been privileged to do quite a few product reviews and most have changed my way of doing things.  This product is no exception!

I did a review of this product in 2013 and the same holds true today.  This is a great cleaning powder with some punch!  I keep a bottle of it under my kitchen sink and use it to deep clean as I would use Comet or any other dry cleaning powder. It does an excellent job!  I choose not to use the essential oils but you could if you want an added scent. (I've never found those type of cleaners to smell good anyway so this is an upgrade in that respect!)

This can be found in Leslie's book The Joy of Cleaning.  I share her video today so you can meet her here.

Leslie Reichert
The Green Cleaning Coach

Leslie with her All Purpose Cleaner

The Parmesan Cheese bottle is excellent to use for this mixture.  The holes in the lid work perfectly and it is easy to reach for and use.  You can of course use any container that closes tightly to keep moisture out and is easy to shake mixture from.

Label your product.  I found it easy to make my label with the ingredients listed, so when I run out it is easy enough to make another batch and fill.  I suggest you use wide packaging tape or something coated to keep it it tact while using.  I still use the same bottle and it has been 3 years since this one was made.

I found her to be a cute model for the product.  She is for me anyway.  I make aprons so she is very appropriate for me.  I don't own this image but am not selling the product so she is great in my home. Find one that suits you and use or use nothing at all.  But be sure to label and store safely.

I hope you are enjoying making your own products as much as I am. It only takes a few items to have everything you need on hand.  I'll post more about making your own products shortly.



  1. I'm going to have to try this. Love the Parmesan cheese container tip.

    1. I don't have to use this all of the time but for me it works as well as Comet. I like the Parmesan Container too! Let me know how it works for you when you do.