Hibiscus House White Roses Tour

Welcome! I'd like to invite you to take a walking tour of our most beautiful roses. These are our pride and joy. Every year they perform harder than the last and that in itself seems impossible to do. Each picture is a section of fence, none are duplicates.  2014 Spring Blooms on the picket fence. Enjoy.

A Beautiful Light Snow!

This was a couple of days ago and was just enough to coat the lawn lightly.  It truly was beautiful and Chuck was off and home for the first time to see the snow fall out here.  He is usually working when it does happen to snow, which isn't too often.  We did enjoy it very much together.  Today I share a few pictures and a video of our view from here.

Chuck took this and the picture below.
They show how peaceful, beautiful the view is from our front door

View from the window screen

Saucer Magnolia in bloom
These are the first blooms on this little tree
They have bloomed in the wind and snow

I like this little tree and one day it will be a grand Christmas tree in the garden

Another shot and no I have no idea what the white blur is.
It was gone as soon as it came.

I leave you today with a short video of our little snow


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